Wyden on CIA nominee

Moments ago, Senator Ron Wyden appeared on CNN's The Situation Room. He was interviewed briefly by Wolf Blitzer regarding the announcement today that General Michael Hayden is the nominee to head the CIA. (Senator Wyden is on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which will be holding confirmation hearings shortly.)

After acknowledging that Hayden is qualified to run the CIA, Wyden said:

I have substantial questions about the nominee's credibility. ...

It's possible to fight terrorism ferociously and still protect privacy. [General Hayden] has talked at length with the Intelligence Committee about privacy, but earlier this year he became the Bush Administration point man for warrantless surveillance. ...

We need somebody independent of the Pentagon; somebody to tell the truth to the President. We don't need any more of this 'slam dunk' syndrome. Your viewers will remember it was George Tenet who said the invasion of Iraq was a 'slam dunk'.


  • Robin Ozretich (unverified)

    Good for Wyden!

    I'm really glad to see him getting out more, speaking out more, and fighting the good fight - especially on issues like privacy, net neutrality, and oil company excess.

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