BlueOregon Passes a Million Visits

Jeff Alworth

Quick, someone break out the champagne!  Based on our current traffic, sometime on Monday BlueOregon must have passed a million visits. 

  Total 1,007,291  
  Average Per Day 2,577  
  Average Visit Length 2:33  
  Last Hour 113  
  Today 2,536  
  This Week 18,039  

We won't have to wait too long for the next milestone, though--we've currently at 1,921,670 page views.  Since this is a group effort, I think we're a little bad about celebrating accomplishments, but we shouldn't miss the opportunity to offer our thanks.  So thanks!

May the next million be as fun as the first.

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    One little note -- we actually added the sitemeter a few months in. If I remember right, we had 100,000 pageviews prior to turning on the sitemeter.

    A couple of stats that I think are even more interesting: We've had 2035 posts, and 34407 comments. Truly amazing.

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    <h2>Congratulations. Your work has borne fruit, attributable without a doubt to the talents and people skills of the founders, as well as the work of your colorful and wide-ranging contributors.</h2>

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