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Jesse Cornett

The Oregonian’s Political Blog has had some interesting news lately (yes, they have a “political blog” but it frankly seems more like a repository for political press releases and other fun information that’s just not going to get printed along with the real news unless it ties in with another article).

First, State Senator Avel Gordly, so disillusioned with the Democratic Party that hasn’t ever pushed back against her independent streak and found a suitable Progressive Democrat replacement to run against her, announced that she once again (she didn't bother to tell her constituents the first time around) switched her Party to non-affiliated. Sounds like she even looks forward to caucusing with Ben Westlund during the upcoming legislative session (which means that Senator Gordly share at least one belief: Westlund will still be a state senator next year).

Senator Westlund, it seems, keeps saying things that get him in trouble. This week during legislative meetings, it sounds like he couldn’t bend over backwards enough to compliment the work of the Governor and other legislative leaders while his campaign has derided the process as broken or paralyzed by politics.

Go take a look over there and come back here to comment, as their blog doesn’t yet appear to allow comments.

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    The Oregonian has had what they call a "blog" for quite a while actually. I remember it during the primary.

    It really is not a blog but a place to put stories that break late or don't make the cut for the print copy.

    For them to call it a blog is a little misleading. IMO.

    But who am I?

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    Yeah, I don't really think it's a "blog" and indicated as such in my post. It is, however, a great place for political junkies to get more dirt!

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    hi Jesse, my name is....

    these are not blogs; not even close. of course, the O doesn't even know how to put together a decent website, so their ignorance of what a blog is comes as no surprise.

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