Basic Rights Oregon Endorses Kulongoski

Despite the strong effort made by Senator Ben Westlund to hide his record on gay rights - Basic Rights Oregon has endorsed Governor Ted Kulongoski's re-election:

From the beginning of his career and every step along the way, Governor Kulongoski never forgot about the GLBT community and worked to represent all constituents in the state. He has advocated for equality and stood toe-to-toe against those who attacked us. ... He is the ONLY candidate in this year's race for Governor with a more than 30-year pro-equality record.

Basic Rights is also making the political analysis that the most important thing is to stop Ron Saxton:

Governor Kulongoski's Republican opponent, Ron Saxton, has vowed to veto any pro-equality legislation, including a civil union or antidiscrimination bill.

It is clear that a vote for any candidate other than Ted Kulongoski would ensure a Saxton victory which would be a tragic setback for our community and we cannot allow that to happen.

That's why we are urging you to not only to cast your vote for Ted Kulongoski in November, but to get involved as well.

Read the rest, including a detailed rundown on Kulongoski's three-decade pro-equality record. Discuss over there.


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