Breaking: Washington Supremes uphold gay marriage ban

It appears that the WA Supreme Court has upheld the gay marriage ban in that state. It appears to be a confusing ruling, going 5-4, with six different opinions in the mix.

Initial coverage is at Horses Ass, and there will be surely be more. Tune your dial to LeftyBlogs Washington throughout the day.


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    Don't have time yet to read the entirety, but I do have an initial blah blah.

  • Chuck Paugh (unverified)

    The United States maintains various treaties with countries around the globe that require us to honor the validity of a marriage performed in another country in exchange the foreign nation agrees to acknowledge a marriage peformed in the USA.

    Soon, we are going to face the challenge of a heterosexual American couple divorcing with one spouse living in America and another spouse living in a country that does perform same-sex marriages.

    It is a very real posibility that the foreign country will not recognize the heterosexual marriage as valid, ruling for the spouse residing in that country, because America refuses to acknowledge the rights of same-sex couples travelling to the USA from that foreign nation.

    <h2>It will not be until something of this nature happens that a real dialogue will occur regarding the rights of same-sex marriage without tainting the argument with religous dogma.</h2>
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