Most influential Oregonian of the last decade?

Former Congressman (and blogger) Les AuCoin is asking a simple question: "Who had the most impact on Oregon in the last 10 years?"

John Kitzhaber, the governor who called for the Columbia River dams to come down to save the salmon? Bill Moshofsky, the patron saint of Oregonians in Action, life-long foe of property rights and key supporter of Measure 37? Phil Keisling, inventor of all-mail elections and promoter of open primary elections? Peter Kohler, president of that medical and scientific colossus, OHSU? Andy Kerr, champion of ancient forests? Barbara Roberts, Oregon’s first and only women governor? Ed Jensen of the old US Bank, key financial supporter of Self Enhancement, Inc., the NE Portland program for youth at risk? Phil Knight? Jimmy DePreist, formally of the Oregon Symphony? Don McIntyre, scourge of taxes? Bill Sizemore? ...

Remember, the idea is not who has done the most “good.” It’s who has had the most profound effect.

Head on over to AuCoin's blog to cast your vote.


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