Hillsboro unanimously passes GLBT anti-discrimination ordinance

Following up on the earlier post today here at BlueOregon, Hillsboro to consider city-wide ban on GLBT discrimination...

According to Basic Rights Oregon:

The City of Hillsboro Tuesday evening unanimously approved a city-wide ban on discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodation on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity after hearing public testimony from faith leaders, business owners and the GLBT community in support of the legislation. The unanimous vote followed months of grassroots organizing work by Hillsboro activists affiliated with Basic Rights Oregon to lobby the Hillsboro city council and build community support for the new law. ...

In enacting such a law, the City of Hillsboro has joined two Oregon counties and eight cities that have enacted similar laws: Multnomah County, Benton County, Salem, Portland, Beaverton, Bend, Ashland, Lake Oswego, Eugene and Lincoln City.

From the BRO Blog:

Tonight's victory is a step in the right direction for Oregon, but our fight is far from over, as Frank Dixon reminded reporters after the vote: ''While tonight's vote is a win for equality, we still have work to do,'' he said. ''In most of the state a person can be fired from a job, denied a home or turned away from a table in a restaurant simply because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Most Oregonians already believe that this kind of discrimination is wrong and it's time for the State Legislature to make it against the law. Freedom from discrimination should not depend on one's zip code

Contact the Hillsboro City Council here, and express your gratitude.

Discuss over at the BRO Blog.


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