Karen Minnis tries to 'swiftboat' Rob Brading

Rob Brading is a member of the Multnomah County Library Board. Apparently, according to Karen Minnis and her sleazeball friends, that's enough to say he's in favor of children viewing porn.

Of course, Speaker Minnis is trying to pretend she has nothing to do with the "Friends for Safer Libraries" effort or their sleazy flier. That's funny, because Loaded Orygun has the truth:

I guess if Minnis is going to lie, she may as well shoot the moon. Cuz this one is a whopper.

Long time Minnis consultant and strategist Chuck Adams registered the FSL website and helped set up the PAC while working for Minnis' campaign, according to her C&E reports. Oregon Family Council's Tim Nashif, another Minnis advisor also helped to set up the PAC. ...

The Minnis campaign is asking Oregonians to believe that her closest advisors and strategists helped put this thing together..but her campaign knew nothing about it???

When I called Minnis' campaign to find out about the flier, they denied any association with FSL and wouldn't even mention their name. But they offered to help me get my hands on a copy of the flier. How convenient.

Head on over and read the rest. There's a lot more to this story. Discuss over there.


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