Saxton (hearts) TABOR after all

Ron Saxton is doing the funky-chicken dance again. (Previously.)

Saxton Watch has the story:

After repeatedly ducking Victoria Taft's show, Ron made an appearance Friday evening where he continued his tradition of singing TABOR's praises on right-wing radio and distancing himself from it with the mainstream media.

His exact words? "I will happily – I’ll be by far the best governor to implement it [TABOR]."

There's more over at Discuss over there.

Meanwhile, don't miss the Democratic Unity event on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. Governor Ted Kulongoski, Former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Congressman Wu, Mayor Tom Potter and other progressive leaders will be on hand to kickoff the volunteer drive to victory. This is a free event, so head on over to DPO HQ, 232 NE 9th Ave., Portland.


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