Big Hair vs. Big Ideas

Peralta_and_nelsonOver at the blog Cwech Blug, there's a report about an appearance at Linfield College by House candidate Sal Peralta, running against Rep. Donna Nelson (R-McMinnville).

What sort of Republican is Donna Nelson?

Donna Nelson ... even proposed a bill in the State Legislature to lower the State minimum wage to the national minimum, $5.15 an hour. She is the worst kind of anti-worker, anti-gay, far right Republican, someone who definately deserves to go.

Meanwhile, Sal Peralta is going after the votes of both Democrats and Republicans hungry for change.

[Peralta] has found that many Republicans in the current political climate are very frustrated with the direction of the country and ready for change. The simple truth of the matter is that in a county like Yamhill, you cannot win as a Democrat unless you get the support of Republicans. The only way to win is to reach out to Republican moderates, and Peralta realizes that, and also realizes that if there is any time that these people can be reached it is now, when more than ever people are open to new ideas, to voting differently than they have in the past.

Read the rest and discuss at Cwech Blug.


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