Independent Retraction

blueoregon admin

This morning, there was a cartoon posted here this morning that some deemed offensive and has since since been removed. Blue Oregon does not regulate or censor its authors in any way.

We believe the artist made this decision on his own and it was not due to pressure from Blue Oregon or any other entity.

We appreciate the feedback both online and off, when we post something unpopular. That's part of what makes BlueOregon great. Thank you.

Update: Pat Malach posted this comment on another thread...

I deleted the "Karen Minnis" cartoon because several people whose opinions I trust thought it was offensive. When the cartoon itself becomes the topic of discussion, rather than the point the cartoon was trying to make, then it's a failure and a distraction. It was an easy decision to pull the cartoon. It's just a drawing, I've got plenty more. There was never any pressure -- not even a hint of a wisp of a suggestion-- from anyone at BlueOregon or anywhere else to pull the cartoon. That was all me.

Update: The Oregonian's Janie Har blogged the story.

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