Karen Minnis is so dreamy

Over at Loaded Orygun, they've got another scoop brewing. There's a paper called the Mt Hood Gorge Connection, and they purport to be an "independent" source of news.

Curiously, however, it appears that one of their contributors - Mattie Day - is also a communications aide to Speaker Karen Minnis. She's also on staff with Chuck Adams, attack ad impresario of the right wing.

So, no surprise, the article reads like this:

[Karen Minnis] is leaving footprints of compassionate and disciplined leadership in the halls of the community’s house. Karen Minnis defied the odds that were against her as a woman who was raised by uneducated parents in poverty. She has risen above the obstacles, nurtured her children, stood by her husband and now stands in a place of humble leadership.

Cue Loaded Orygun:

That looks an awful lot to me like the same person is writing an "independent" article about Karen Minnis without disclosing her business relationship to the Speaker (where she draws a taxpayer funded salary) while subsequently drawing another salary with Minnis' political consultant--again, without disclosing as such in the article.

But it would be wrong to jump to conclusions without at least checking with the paper, right? After all, there could be thousands of "Mattie Days" who mill about the greater Portland-Salem metro region. Maybe several of them just happen to be working in several different capacities for Karen Minnis and her consultant.

Hey. It could happen.

So TJ called them up for me yesterday, querying in his inimitable style about the seemingly very busy Mattie Day.

Head over to Loaded Orygun for the rest of the story... Discuss over there.

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