Oregonian Op-Ed: Sheketoff on M41

Regular BlueOregon contributor Chuck Sheketoff has an editorial in today's Oregonian arguing against Measure 41:

A review of who wins under the measure also shows that it is linked to the Bush administration's tax cuts: The wealthy would do better over time. Because Measure 41 would create an alternative tax calculation based on the size of a taxpayer's federal exemption deduction, the highest-income Oregonians would see their tax cut from Measure 41 increase through the end of this decade as the Bush tax cut fully takes effect.

Fool's gold looks better than it's worth. Measure 41, while being sold as a tax cut, also will increase the federal taxes that Oregonians send each year to Washington, D.C....

Oregonians would see popular public services scaled back in the next budget period if Measure 41 passes. With about nine out of every 10 dollars spent in the state budget supporting education, senior programs, health care and public safety, it's difficult to imagine any Oregonians not feeling the impact of the $792 million in budget cuts that Measure 41 would force.

It's a great editorial, so go read the full piece at Oregonlive

  • Patty (unverified)

    Measures 41 and 48 a serious problem and must be beaten. To sign up to get the latest from the campaigns, to volunteer, to donate, to Defend Oregon, go to www.defendoregon.org

  • yak (unverified)

    This has already been posted and is NOT a good argument. http://www.blueoregon.com/2006/08/measure_41_is_f.html

    Chuck is playing politics as bad or worse than the groups supporting this measure by insisting that it is more important who thought this up than who it may benefit.

    He has ignored well thought out and relevant critiques of his poorly made arguments and is relying on scare tactics and ideology. It is time to start thinking.

    I met MANY well intentioned people that absolutely supported the "open primary" measure that failed to make the ballot. Educated, well-meaning and liberal folks REALLy thought an open primary as designed by Phil Keisling would BENEFIT 3rd parties. Of course, not ONE of them could tell me how. In fact, the "open primary" measure would have harmed Oregon democracy in a fundamental manner - it would have allowed ONLY 2 candidates in ANY state wide election. It was a cynical attempt at office made by Keisling, who should really know better, and I am discouraged to see similar tactics in effect in regards to Measure 41.

    The Oregonian supported the innane "open primary" initiative while NOT supporting the Measure on term limits. Just what the hell is going on here? I am struck yet again at the pomposity of Oregon politics. Oregon voters, in their best tradition, tend to be progressive in their politics. Weak attempts to undermine this tradition by BOTH sides, in attempts to play issue politics to everything, are destroying this tradition of progressive politics. I am not fooled and expect more.

  • Steve (unverified)

    Hey Chuck, It's a "family tax cut" for families (and others) who pay taxes.

    Why not play it straight and argue against it without including those who don't pay taxes in your numbers? I know, because you can make the numbers look less benefitial to average taxpayers if you bullshit them with your propoganda.

    Too bad we can't have honest debate on these issues without the BS. Does Patty Wentz help you write this stuff?

  • Ross Smith (unverified)

    Mr. Sheketoff has advanced this argument before, but what he claims about M-41 is blatently untrue -- the wealthist taxpayers do not benefit disproportionately from M-41, either in the near or long terms. In fact, just the exact opposite is true. M-41 is highly progressive, the percentage of tax saving for family incomes ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 are 24.5% to 8.5% respectively, and even less for joint incomes over $100,000. Plus M-41 has the added advantage of conforming state to federal deductibles, making tax preparation simpler.

  • Carl (unverified)

    "Mr. Sheketoff has advanced this argument before, but what he claims about M-41 is blatently untrue"

    But he's non-partisen.

  • KISS (unverified)

    Probably it matters not. I'm sure the Super K will mandate a user fee just to fill out the tax-form. lol His insane user fee on insurance shows how far the tax insanity has risen. While we will not benefit from measure 41, my wife and I will vote for it...it's the right thing to do. And I don't mean religious right.

  • LT (unverified)

    Fool's gold looks better than it's worth. Measure 41, while being sold as a tax cut, also will increase the federal taxes that Oregonians send each year to Washington, D.C....

    Will someone please explain to me why this is not a rerun of a Sizemore measure in 2000? It failed then (all his measures failed that year as I recall) and I don't vote for rerun measures.

    And I think that is correct about the effect being more dollars sent to DC.

  • (Show?)

    Yak is yacking off the subject, whomever the heck s/he is.

    Steve ____ - is ignoring what the proponents say. They say its a family tax cut for all. Moreover, some of the people who don't benefit from M41 do pay taxes...its just that M41 gives them no help.

    Ross Smith needs to read the OCPP report before spouting off. He will see that they do disproportionately benefit and that their benefits increase as the Bush tax cuts go into effect. Moreover, given that its an alternative - versus a mandatory way of calculating taxes, the claim that it conforms is just wrong. As noted in our paper, there's gonna be a worksheet that some taxpayers will fill out to see if the current method is better than the M41 alternative - how adding a worksheet to the tax instructoins is conforming or making the forms simpler beats me.

    Carl ___ - can't spell.

    KISS - Keeps It Simply Silent about rationale.

    LT - it is different than his measure in 2000. that measure had to do with subtracting from your Oregon income an amount equal to your federal income tax liability. This has to do with subtracting the amount of your federal deduction (vs. taxes).

  • yak (unverified)

    well excuse me chuck. you see, I was trying to make a point - that people like you refuse to THINK and instead base their stances on their ideology. i think it is sad. I am going to think about this measure whether you like it or not. And I am going to vote based upon what I read and discover through my research. Let's just say you are not making a great case for a NO vote. and insulting people who can't spell isn't helping.

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