Top 10 legislative races...

Over at Ridenbaugh Press, regional blogger Randy Stapilus takes note of the large number of contested races in Oregon in 2006:

Of the 75 Oregon state legislative seats up for grabs this year - 15 Senate, 60 House - just six - all in the House are completely unopposed. That’s a record for civic involvement neither Idaho nor Washington comes close to matching.

Randy's still skeptical about much overall change, however:

Our best projections call for little change in either Senate or House overall. Bearing all factors in mind, we think most likely either no change or a seat in one direction or the other (more likely Democratic) in the Senate, and some Democratic pickup in the House, though the crystal ball still hazes when it gets close to the finish line - whether or not Republicans retain control.

That said, he identifies ten races as ones to watch -- including a few surprises: Sal Peralta vs. Donna Nelson (HD 24), Dan Thackaberry vs. Fred Girod (HD 17), and Chuck Riley vs. Terry Rilling (HD 29).

Head on over to Ridenbaugh Press to see the rest -- and discuss over there.


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