Torrey vs. Walker debate report

Over at the Ridenbaugh Press, blogger Randy Stapilus has a round-up of the Eugene City Club debate between State Senator Vicki Walker (D-Eugene) and former Mayor Jim Torrey (R).

The debate made three things clear. One is why Torrey, twice elected mayor of Eugene, is such a well-regarded political figure in town, and beyond. A second is that Walker is no pushover. The third, which we’re starting to think may be decisive in this close and pivotal race, is that partisan considerations may prove decisive in the outcome - to Torrey’s detriment. ...

And you could almost see the blood being drawn when Walker mentioned that Torrey had contributed the maximum amount to George W. Bush’s campaign for president in 2004. Torrey returned to the point even after the subject had moved on, seemingly trying to patch the hole in the balloon where air was leaking out. Then it got worse, when someone asked the candidates about Iraq. Torrey said he had supported the war when it started and still thought it makes us safer. Walker said it was a disaster, a decision “made by one man who wanted to bully the world” - and the crowd ate it up. ...

[H]e may have picked the wrong year to leave his nonpartisan candidacies for mayor behind, and run for the legislature as a Republican. For the moment, Walker seems to be boxing him in.

Read the rest, including coverage of the ask-your-opponent part of the debate. Discuss.

  • orygunphil (unverified)

    At some point won't people be turned off by the fact that Vicki Walker is so full of rage? Eugene is still a small enough town that people talk and word gets around. It seems to me that all her anger is going to turn more people off than just this Democrat.

  • thylacine (unverified)

    "At some point won't people be turned off by the fact that Vicki Walker is so full of rage? Eugene is still a small enough town that people talk and word gets around. It seems to me that all her anger is going to turn more people off than just this Democrat."

    So I you imagine a Eugenite conversation to bsomethimng like this.

    "Boy earl that vicki walker sure is angry about the Iraq war"

    "Angry!, as a small towwn person I don't tolerate such...things look like I'm voting torrey"

    Sorry to be snarky, but that comment is on the cusp of nonesense. I certainly don't think rage when i think Vicki walker and who cares if she's angry about the war. More people should be.

  • askquestions1st (unverified)

    orygunphil - Given that you start out by throwing the "rage" card, it seems highly unlikely you're a real Democrat. But let's assume just of the sake of argument that you are. You find folks who embrace war (including the wholesale callous killing of innocents), torture, and now abolishing the right of habeas corpus even for American citizens preferable if they are calm about it? I guess people like you really have something to show us all about values and priorities, since many of us would find folks who do those kinds of things with a degree of equnamity, or who are put off by folks who are appropriately outraged by folks who kind do those kind of things with a degree of equnamity, to be just a little bit off.

    And thylacine - We're trying to save the Bill of Rights and our democracy right now, not to mention literally saving our lives and the lives of our loved ones from a leader who ignores the unequivocal advice of the intelligence community that his unhinged belligerence is making us less secure by the day. Given that, there is a pretty good argument to be made that you need get past feeling there is anything wrong with getting in the face of someone like this. This person is either tragically naive (and, being inexplicably aggressive about it, might actually receive a boost towards maturity from a little dose of adult reality), or is a smart-aleck liar. Either way he/she chose to post in a public political forum and it is fair to hold his/her comments up to aggressive and pointed criticism.

  • (Show?)

    ...going to turn more people off than just this Democrat.

    Looks like this is the new troll strategy -- declare that you're a Democrat.

    If you're actually engaged in the conversation here at BlueOregon, people will know what party you belong to. There won't be a need to constantly declare....

  • (Show?)

    We can all listed in online Monday at 6 pm at Cheers, Jesse

  • josh reynolds (unverified)

    Wow!!! I feel better already. Knowing what your position on the Iraq war should be very helpful in Salem trying to deal with school funding, economic development, and so many other issues.

  • Joe12Pack (unverified)

    Come on now, certainly more shrill Bush bashing and the war in Iraq is somehow relevant in this particular race. Heck, what else is there to campaign on? Can't have 'em discussing actual problems and solutions to the issues at hand, can we?

  • Wesley Charles (unverified)

    I see Jesse Cornett weighed in on this thread about a state Senate race. That got me thinking about how little attention is being paid to Senate races, with Brading-Minnis, Chuck Adams, Wayne Scott, Maui, etc. dominating the threads here.

    In particular, there is a quiet Senate battle being fought in Senate 24 between Rod Monroe, who appears to be asleep at the switch running nothing that could be considered an active campaign, and his Republican challenger, T.J. Reilly, who seems to have one of those rolling billboards parked on every corner out there in far east Portland.

    Folks may remember the Frank Shields bait-and-switch move with Monroe that would have assured Monroe the Democratic nomination, and likely Senate seat, had Jesse not caught the stunt in time to run a terrific primary race against him.

    I know the Dem's are not in much peril of losing Senate seats, but this one could be a stunner if Monroe doesn't do more than coast on his Metro name recognition.

    Adding to the intrigue is the fact that the top half of Monroe's senate district is House District 47 (Jeff Merkley). If the Minnis-Scott-Adams playbook unfolds as expected, look for another $40,000 or so dumped into McCain's campaign and more Targeting Merkley.

    • Wes
  • Paul Gage (unverified)
    <h2>Rod Monroe is certainly not asleep at the switch. He's working hard to make sure he'll be elected to the Senate. Jesse has endorsed Rod and is working with the campaign to help him. Yes, this seat is crucial to retaining or increasing a Democratic majority in the Senate. We've got to re-elect Vicki Walker and Rick Metsger. We've got to help Paul Evans pick up a seat in Salem. We've got to make sure Rod Monroe holds this open seat.</h2>

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