A statue for Tom McCall

Tom McCallIn Salem, there are plans to honor former Governor Tom McCall with a statue in Riverfront Park. From the AP:

The statue will depict McCall wearing waders and stepping out of the North Umpqua River, holding a steelhead in one hand and a rod in the other.

Following McCall's wishes, it is to be modeled after a photo taken by Dan Callaghan of Salem that's on the cover of "Tom McCall: Maverick, an autobiography with Steve Neal." ...

The project is expected to cost about $100,000. The group has about $23,000 and will start raising more money soon.

A number of folks have wanted a statue to be placed in Portland's Tom McCall Waterfront Park. However:

"I'm very pleased that (McCall is) going to be honored with a statue and that it's in Salem," said Audrey McCall, who lives in Portland. "The work that he accomplished was in Salem. We lived there. We were part of that community when that was all taking place. It seems very fitting."


  • josh reynolds (unverified)

    [off-topic comment deleted. -editor.]

  • DifferentSalemStaffer (unverified)

    Sweetness. A better memorial than that freaky picture of him in the State Capitol. That thing gives me the willies.

  • activist kaza (unverified)

    I'm thinking of writing in the statue for Governor next month. A stone-cold McCall might be a damn sight better than any of the current choices on the ballot...

  • Mike Gushard (unverified)


    I was on the MAX today headed from downtown Portland to the airport. near llotd center there is an empty pedestal and I thought "They should put a statue of Tom McCall there"

    I almost predicted the future.

    I'm wanted a memorial or staue to Tom McCall to be somewhere in the state for awhile. I even took to skteching them during my down time at work.

    I am very very pleased.

  • ben (unverified)

    It's hard to argue with Mrs. McCall's thoughts on the matter. Portland can take credit for the fact that the whole ball got rolling from a Portland newsroom. Is that so bad?

    At worst, it amounts to "go sculpt your own."

    Points to activist kaza for teh funny.

  • Stan Pdgorny (unverified)

    Funny. I 'member when McCall was hated as much by folks who nowdays call them selves pergress'ves as he was by folk from 'th right. He was a Republic'n governor, ya know. Bucked his own party but wouldn't give in to Dems either.

    If anythin', McCall was a populist, a man o' the people. Did as much for bis'ness as he did for workin' folk. Could talk t' city slickers an' rural folk alike. An' he loved Oregon and Oregon folk o' all stripe. Worked with all o' 'em too.

    McCall worked t' clean th' Willamette so folk could fish an' swim in it as much as hike an' look at. He believ'd in conservat'in our resources, not lockin' 'em up. He's the reas'n why most pergress'ves moved here, an' he didn't want y'all comin' t' Oregon in th' first place.

    O'l Tom was a mav'rick. Dems an' pergress've folk should spend some time list'n t' what he said an' studi'n how he got things done 'nstead of crammin' him into yer box. Might learn somth'n.

  • John (unverified)

    HA! - DifferentSalemStaffer is right on. That picture of him in the capitol is the weirdest/strangest/creepiest portrait I've ever seen. I'm glad I'm not the only one freaked out by that thing.

  • Sally (unverified)
    <h2>Good post, Mr. Pdgorny. Read it, remember it, reflect on it & weep. Oregon's progressive days and maverick leaders are all long gone ... and they are not coming back, no where more surely than on Blue Oregon.</h2>
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