AuCoin weighs in on salvage logging

Over at his blog, former congressman Les AuCoin has a few choice words for the Oregonian's "intellectually lazy" editorial about post-wildfire logging.

The GAO report—sought by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Jeff Bingaman (D-NM)—found that the Forest Service squandered $2 million, by spending nearly $11 million and recouping only $9 million on Biscuit logging. (The red ink contrasts with the Administration’s estimate of 6,900 jobs and $240 million in regional economic activity—a boast that from the start critics felt was tarted up to overwhelm environmental concerns about the cut.) ...

The Oregonian’s editorial said, “The GAO is the latest group to look at fire salvage, at the costs and the opportunities, and conclude that there must be a better way [to do it].” Actually, the GAO stated on Page 2 of the report that “experts disagree about whether salvage harvesting burned timber provides economic development and generates funding for recovery in addition to that needed to pay for planning, preparing, and administering sales.” ...

Maybe the “O’s” editors couldn’t see the big picture because they let political smoke get in their eyes. You think?

Go read the rest. Discuss over there.


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