Ballots in hand, bloggers are voting...

Here's a weekend blog round-up, including a lot of folks explaining their ballot picks:

Crallspace (a nonpartisan voter) shares her voter's guide for Benton County, including a pick in the 16th HD:

Sara Gelser. Her opponent, Robin Brown, has run a dishonest campaign from the start, saying that she has the support of Benton County Republicans and Democrats. In reality, she is just a Republican hack who is ashamed of her (R) affiliation, as she should be. Her die-hard Republican supporters have signs in their yards that say, "Democrats for Brown," alongside their Saxton signs, as if they can credibly speak for Democrats. Blatantly dishonest politicians like Robin Brown do not deserve our vote.

Conservative blogger "Daniel is Right" pleads with conservatives to vote for Ron Saxton, not Mary Starrett:

I like Miss Starrett as a person. I agree with many of her positions. But a vote is wasted on her and every time an angry conservative insists that he will vote for Mary, somewhere there is a liberal giggling like a schoolgirl. (yes, even the liberal "men" giggle like schoolgirls). So please, come to terms with our candidate, Ron Saxton.

Chuck Currie, a blogger and United Church of Chris minister, explains his vote for Governor Ted Kulongoski:

My ballot went out in the mail today and Ted Kulongoski earned my vote for governor. There was no choice. He shares my fundamental values on public education, health care and the environment. We need leaders in Oregon who care deeply about these issues and Governor Kulongoski’s opponent this November has demonstrated none of the leadership one would hope for.

Jalpuna complains about the calls he keeps getting from the Saxton campaign:

"Hello?" ... "Huh? The committee to what?" ... "Oh. I see what's coming here. You'd like a moment of my time to tell me about how Ron Saxton would make a super-duper kickass governor even though I think he's a heebie-jeebie lying sack of decomposing elephant dung."

The Cat Woman gives us her reasons for supporting Ted:

I will vote for our current governor. Do I think he's made needed changes in Oregon? No. But, on the other hand, I don't trust Saxton. I think he's going to serve big money interests and not the little people, like me, or even the middle class. ... I'm a registered Independent. I will be voting for at least one Republican. I won't tell you which, but I will give you a hint: I hate extreme partisan politicians.

Over at, bike blogger Jonathan Maus makes his pitch for the Metro 26-80 measure:

I don’t know much about politics, but I know what I like. That’s why I’m going to fill in the bubble for bikes and vote “Yes” on Measure 26-80. ... We need to get this measure passed so Metro has the cash to make the big deals that result in more places to ride. Here’s a list of the trails that could benefit from the passage of this measure...

And, then of course, the blog Uniquely Normal has this closing rant:

I voted today. I voted "yes" seven times, "no" six times, for two republicans and two democrats, and for the only person listed several times. I studied the voter's pamphlet cover-to-cover, finding the wording very difficult, but highlighting much and understanding most of it. My opinion of politics is pretty simple at this point: the idiots on one side balance out the idiots on the other side, and then the few people that actually take the time to reason their way through things make the decisions, or else the rest of us really just fuck things up for everybody. And I get frustrated because I don't want to vote "yes" or "no" sometimes, because the ideal answer is really a mix of the two black lines. Yet another political rant from someone that refuses to blog about politics.


  • Bill R. (unverified)
    <h2>New poll out today from Rasmussen. Gov. K up by 7! 51% to 44% And he's over 50%. So that's good news. And Rasmussen carries a little more weight than Riley but trending the same.</h2>

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