Better ads, hitting harder.

By Adam Klugman of Portland, Oregon. Adam is an advertising professional and political consultant who produced the America's Party spot that won the DNC ad contest - and also was a finalist in the "Bush in 30 Seconds" contest.

Do you think the Democrats' advertising is too soft on Republicans? We do!

That's why we put together this grassroots campaign illustrating 99 ways the Republicans have failed. We created these ads to show Democratic Party leaders that we need a campaign that holds Republicans accountable for their disastrous record, and that such a campaign will resonate well with the American public.

We have a website which explains our goals - and we have posted our videos on YouTube (so they will be easy to share). Watch the spots.

War in Iraq
Prescription Drugs
Global Warming

Help us get this message out into the public conversation where it belongs. Tell us what you think.

  • MCT (unverified)

    EXACTLY WHAT IS NEEDED! And not a moment too soon. I viewed your spots and felt a tingle of hope. Are you saying you now have to sell this idea to the Dem party leaders? Good luck with that. The only thing we may hear resonate is divisiveness and indecision. As the clock ticks on.

    It would be nice to see these aired as often as the anti Measure 42 spots.

  • lin qiao (unverified)

    Sell this idea to the Democrats? Gimme a break. This is precisely the sort of stuff that sends the Democratic Leadership (sic) Council running away in terror, worried that their careerist goal of turning the Democratic Party into GOP Lite might suffer.

  • (Show?)

    It's a strong core message: Democrats have had the better ideas all along, on multiple fronts; countering - with a judo twist - the Big Republican Media lie that Democrats lack ideas. We've not only had the better ideas all along, our ideas have embodied core American values ("do unto others as you would have them do unto you"), and we wouldn't be in such a mess if we had followed them.

    The spots could use polish, but the message is effective.

  • AJH (unverified)

    Kulongoski's ads are awful. Every time I hear one, I'm more and more afraid he's going to lose. The latest ad running on KPOJ is nothing but a cliche, easy-to-ignore attack ad against Saxton - although better than the "Ted is Mr. Rogers" ad they had been running. And why is the Kulongoski campaign running ads on KPOJ in the first place? If they have to win over loyal listeners of KPOJ, there's not much chance for him to win re-election.

    How about ads that portray Kulongoski as a strong leader, speaking with some sort of vision about what he sees for Oregon in the next four years? I have nothing against negative campaigning, but you need positive ads too, and the negative ads had better be damned clever and not cliche ads that people just ignore.

  • Mike Schryver (unverified)

    I like the spots, Adam. And I agree they're far better than the typical spots the Dems are running. I'm going to send links to these videos to the people I know; whether or not we can get the spots aired, we can at least try some viral marketing.

  • Stan Pdgorny (unverified)

    Wow! 'magin' that. Someone puttin' out Dem ads with meat an' 'taters n'stead o' them rice cakes those polywonks keep runnin for our House an' Senate folk.

    Hey Adam,

    You willin t' do 'em for local Dems in Oregon? God knows when we clean house aft'r 'lection day we're gonna' need folk like you to give this ol' party a spine!

  • Adam Klugman (unverified)


    It's good to know there are other people out there who aren't afraid to spank some Republican fanny and call these guys out for what they are: the Party of Disaster. Everyone knows it: Republican Rule has failed. The moment we announce it to the world, those dough boys (and girls) will drop. But we've got to hit hit 'em hard now, while they're off balance. We can't wait for their numbers to recover from Foley before we launch our offensive...but I fear we will.

    Thanks for the support!! Kari, thanks for the post!


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