Video: Ted takes on divisive politics

This Sunday, Governor Ted Kulongoski will appear on Outlook Portland with Nick Fish. Here at BlueOregon HQ, we've received an advance clip of his appearance.

In the clip, Governor Kulongoski reacts to the voter's pamphlet statement for Rep. Karen Minnis.

Karen is being attacked by extreme left wing special interest groups who don’t like her stand on taxes, marriage and how to fund schools. In fact, the national gay network has targeted Karen Minnis for defeat this election cycle because of her stand on defending traditional marriage.

And Ted's not happy. Here's the clip:

The full show will air on Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m. on the CW. (Channel 32, or Comcast Channel 3.)

  • TKrueg (unverified)

    Ted put it perfectly, to say that this sort of thing 'appeals to the dark side in all of us'. Objectively, I have noticed this tactic much more in GOP campaigns than in Dems. If they didn't do it at all, there'd be little reason to vote for pro-corporate shills in the minds of most citizens.

    They got nothin', except the mud they want to wrestle in.

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    Poor Nick. Insomniacs, the elderly, and kids banned from watching cartoons are his demographic at that hour.

    People say Ted's too laconic, but I like him when he's calm and serious. His debate performance Tuesday night was an example of him trying to be energized, and he came off as spluttering and scatterbrained some of the time, I thought. Here with Nick he's cool as a cucumber, and authoritative.

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    i don't undertand the inset quote; is that Fish? based on that, i was expecting Ted to defend Queen Karen, not criticize her (as he did very well).

  • K (unverified)

    Yeah, that quote confused me as well. It scared me into not watching it for a few minutes.

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    <h2>The quote is from Karen's voter's pamphlet statement. It's the quote Nick is asking the governor to respond to.</h2>
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