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The Oregon AFL-CIO has just launched a new website:

At, you can get a "virtual tour" that includes Saxtonville (his migrant labor camp), his Mt. Tabor house, his downtown penthouse apartment, and the gated-community beach house in Neskowin.

Saxtonville guests enjoy state-of-the-art accommodations with cathedral ceilings and natural landscaping. ... Some people do not appreciate Saxtonville’s rustic charms. Those people include Ron Saxton, whose taste in housing for himself is considerably different from what he provided for his workers.

Visit Ron Saxton's Saxtonville.

  • Don Saxton (unverified)

    I'm Totally ashamed of my Family name!!I'm his older cousin and Definitely NOT one of his supporters!! I've been a lifelong Middle class worker, and a strong Union advocate(A Union officer actually!!) Neither my family or myself are Republicans-only his narrow band of Family affiliation are. I had hoped to possibly run for office giving a progressive outlook to our State's Problems, but I feel My Cousin has indelibly ruined my chances to participate in Democratic means of addressing such issues. I Agree 1000% with what the AFL-CIO has put on this website!!My Cousin is a Phony and a Hypocrite!His Actions so far contradict his statements about how well he would Govern this State. I also find offensive, my Cousin's use of the late Governor Tom Mc Call, as one of his Models. Ron has accepted over $2,000,000.00 in campaign contributions from major corporations that are also major polluters--- Something that Tom Mc Call would be spinning in his grave to endorse!! I knew Tom Mc Call- He was a Liberal Republican, back then, and was not beholden to Corporate Interests, like my Cousin is now!!


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