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Markos at DailyKos passes along this video.

Remember the guy who did [Elliot] Spitzer's incredible ads? They're by Jimmy Siegel, a Madison Avenue ad exec looked down upon by political media consultants because he's not part of their crappy club. But he's good. Really good.

This ad is for the September Fund - a new 527 run by Harold Ickes.


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    I think the "not part of their crappy club" observation is spot on.

    The Dems keep using Bob Shrum to run Presidential campaigns. The guy is a proven loser but they keep giving him the job.

    This note by Markos demonstrates that there's still a group of stupid people running things in the upper echelons of the Dem Party.


  • Becky (unverified)

    I don't think this ad, with its snarky undertone, is going to win hearts and minds - or votes. It's the classic case of people operating in an echo chamber. They have no idea how things play outside the realm of their own ideology. There are certain underlying assumptions within ever belief system. Those who do not understand the underlying assumptions cannot understand the communication that comes from them. Hence, people who write commercials like this do not understand that their message is incomprehensible to those who need to hear it. Neither can they understand what their opponents are saying. That's precisely why people of the opposite political persuasion or religious belief always seem so unbelievably stupid.

  • LT (unverified)

    I agree with Becky. The few political commercials I have ever seen that really impressed me were not slickly made. They were the candidate talking directly to the camera (if I knew nothing about Greg Walden I'd be impressed with his ad) and have certainly gotten my vote. But those ads are rare.

    Speaking of "snarky", I wonder whose brainchild the "we're all real tired of career politicians" Gordon Smith ad of Jan. 1996 was. How many more years before Gordon becomes a "career politician" if we don't defeat him in 2008?

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    I happened to see this one on Youtube the other night. I think it's pretty funny.

  • MCT (unverified)

    Somewhere in this video, with some applied finesse, is a poster, and a bumper sticker (for those with the risk gene) that could be sold to raise money. It could be utilized for the next two years, and might one day join the nefarious ranks of Tammany Hall/Boss Tweed political ephemera, for the rabid collectors.

    Aaahaahaahah. Very amusing. Let us not forget one of the prime principles of advertising.....controversy breeds awareness. Now is no time to be timid.

  • Stan Pdgorny (unverified)

    Nice ad. Got punch. I likes it.

    But where's the other half? What are us Dems gonna' do 'bout this mess? Too busy preach'n the "why not them" an' forgett'n the "why us."

    There are folk out there who can do the "why us" in less'n 10 words, an' do it for city clickers and rural folk alike. But 'cause they aren't part of that "crappy club" party mucky-mucks won't pay them no mind.

    Losers should not be runnin' 'lections. But Dems do it all the time. Look who's runnin 'em here in Oregon.

    <h2>All the "Bush-bashin' and "Queen Minnis-hatin" in the world won't make up for bad consultin' an' a crappy mess'ge. An 'xcuses just stink!</h2>

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