House Republicans getting worried...

Reading between the lines at right-wing blog NW Republican, it's apparent that the Oregon House Republicans are getting worried. From yesterday:

There is an amazing chance that the Republicans will lose the Oregon House. Republicans who are in real trouble are: Alan Brown (Newport), Billy Dalto (Salem), Everett Curry (Hillsboro, formerly held by Derrick Kitts), Debi Farr (Eugene) and as of yesterday Donna Nelson (McMinnville). Of course Speaker Minnis is in trouble but that is more due to the Democrats really really trying to make a political point. ...

One Republican politico made sure to mention to the Coyote that most all of those Republicans in trouble are squishes. Further pointing out that squishing on Republican principles will get you in more trouble than standing firm.

Don't let up the pressure. Donate to or volunteer the opponents of those mentioned above: Jean Cowan, Brian Clem, David Edwards, Chris Edwards, Sal Peralta, and Rob Brading


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