It's all about people.

By Jim Ross. Jim is the campaign manager for Ted Kulongoski for Governor.

At our rally with Howard Dean last week, it occurred to me, this campaign is coming down to people. Everyday, the pundits, press and polls become less important and people - either activists or voters - become the vital force in this race.

On Saturday, more than 500 people came to our campaign headquarters then hit the streets here in Portland. Tuesday, 150 people came by the office to watch the KGW/Oregonian debate and on Wednesday at least 500 people came out to see DNC Chairman Howard Dean, Senator Ron Wyden, Congressman Blumenauer, Governor Kulongoski and other Democratic leaders rally our supporters for the final push.

Throughout the state, people are rallying to the governor. In Lane County, we have phone bank shifts quickly filling up. Today, in Washington County volunteers are canvassing for the Governor. I don't have the space to list all of the efforts on the governor's behalf but people in every county are helping to turn out voters. The response is amazing. For example, Thursday night was our best at the doors - 80% of the more than 1000 voters we talked to, in Multnomah County, are voting for the governor.

We have never seen Ron Saxton with a large number of people. Well, unless it is a fundraiser with some high powered, Republican presidential candidate. It seems that Ron Saxton can’t motivate people to turnout for his campaign.

It's all about people.

In other news, those crazy kids over at Saxton Watch are out with a funny new web video. Some how they squeezed all of Ron Saxton’s flips, flops and inconsistencies into one short video, that is an impressive accomplishment, check out the video at

What is going on in Eastern Oregon? The Baker City Herald and La Grande Observer both just endorsed Governor Kulonogski. These two papers are in the heart of what should be Ron Saxton’s Republican base of support.

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    Send the Saxtonwatch video to every Oregon friend on your Email list. The video is a great tool to get out the vote for Ted Kulongoski. Hilarious, scary and timely since the ballots are arriving in our mailboxes any day now.

    Hey Jim Ross, the Jackson County Democrats are really excited Governor Kulongoski will be in Medford on 10/24. Mid-day Ted is throwing the "ceremonial switch" to open the new Amy's Kitchen facility. Amy's is providing a great lunch featuring many of its organic products. Jackson County will put up to 1200 new folks to work because Ted personally negotiated the Amy's Kitchen deal. Thanks Governor.

    Jackson County Democrats are going to send Governor Kulongoski into the debating ring on 10/24 all FIRED up to KO Saxton! Our Debate Watch Party will be in full swing at our Headquarters, 40 S. Central in downtown Medford. Drop in for some pizza, lots of Democrats and sip a brewski with us.

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    I love it. Please keep up the good work, it is GOTV time...

  • Chuck Butcher (unverified)

    The Herald's endorsement of TK wasn't much of a surprise, the Governor has kept intact his ties with the county. It is a little disappointing that he couldn't make it here this campaign, but there is a lot going on when you're Governor.

    I'll express dismay over the Walden endorsement, but not surprise. The couple votes he made that impact this District seem to trump all the nasty votes he's made supporting George II. As though a Dem wouldn't have made those votes...

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    Thanks for the support. Just so you know, the Governor was out to meet with the Herald's editorial board in September and he was out in Baker City in August.

  • James J (unverified)

    We must persuade people to VOTE IN THEIR OWN INTEREST! Help voters know that neo-cons like Saxton (who stooped to playing the racism card against undocumented immigrants) represent only 1-2% of the wealthiest among us and the mega-corporations. Saxton does NOT represent the vast majority of citizens. As a dear friend of mine has been saying lately, tell everyone to “vote as if their life depended on it — because it DOES.”

    When we energize, motivate and Get Out the Vote, we WIN with our candidates including Governor Kulongoski , Vicki Walker, & Chris Edwards (Eugene area) and other Progressive candidates in targeted Legislative races. When Progressive Democrats vote for Progressives in large numbers we win.

    Thousands of new voters have been registered: younger voters, Hispanic voters, and those ticked-off at CheneyBushCo despotism. It’s our job now to encourage those new voters (and all registered voters) to vote Progressive. We must also motivate the voters who’ve been dropping out the past 6 years to GOYA - Get Off Your Apathy.

    Persuade those who are in despair, who think all politicians are the same, or who need help overcoming the politics of fear (which the federal regime has injected into their minds). Tell voters his time is different and we need them to participate now. Keep in mind that the extreme factions are doing all they can to SUPPRESS voter turnout.

    Here’s what volunteers can do: --Recruit your friends, co-workers and neighbors to help with phone-banking, door-to-door canvassing, leafleting, sign-holding, writing letters to editors. --Remember you can also give $$ to Progressive campaigns and organizations. --pass out campaign material in the streets, at coffee shops, malls, movie theatres & campuses. --Advise voters to look at where the big money is being spent: on the corporate candidates. Ask them to vote for Progressives, who truly represent them. --Remind voters that the non-profit, genuine public interest, environmental, pro-labor, and civil/ human rights organizations are endorsing Progressive candidates! If a candidate supports CheneyBushCo policies, such as the discredited invasion and occupation of Iraq, or the run-up of the national debt, then they are corporatists, not Progressives! --Send out by mail or email your own message to your friends, family co-workers, neighbors…whoever you think will read or listen!

    Thanks for anything you are doing to educate, advocate, energize and get out the Progressive vote. That’s all we should think about in the next two weeks! Fight the urge to become over- confident, complacent or bummed out.

    James J. Eugene activist

  • Val (unverified)

    For info about what is going on in Eugene and how to help the Governor, Senator Walker, and House Candidates Chris Edwards and Jean Cowen, go to

    Lane County is key to winning back the House and keeping Democratic control of the Senate and Governor's seat, if we can get out the vote here then we can win. If you are in the area, please come on by, volunteer for the next 2 and a half weeks then help us celebrate on Nov. 7th.


  • spicey (unverified)

    Val: appreciated seeing the DPLC at the Bioneers conference this past weekend in Eugene. Was a great place for people to pick up yard signs and I got to wear a Vickie Walker pin all weekend before handing it over to someone who lives there (I live in PDX). My friend picked up a Kulongowski lawn sign which surprised me (guess he's getting off his apathy :)

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