Life Imitates Art for Dixie Chicks Film

Charlie Burr

Reuters reports today that ads promoting the new Dixie Chicks movie -- about censorship for their 2003 comments against Bush -- are being censored refused by NBC because of their content. From the story:

The [film] studio provided media outlets copies of "clearance" reports from NBC's standards and practices department bearing handwritten notations stating the ads were deemed unacceptable because "they are disparaging of President Bush."

Read the rest from here. See the trailer here.

  • DAN GRADY (unverified)

    Hail to the Chief,or God Bless the King???

    Dear Former Citizens of the United States Of America;

        We former citizens of this great democracy should be happy that our new King George & his Lord Dick should consent to speak of their desire to give of our wealth, health, and lives of our youth for their ambitions. We loyal subjects of the new order should not concern ourselves about a free press, or freedom of speech, and not make those disturbing noises in opposition. We chattel should know our place and not trouble ourselves with the judgments of our King and his Lords of Neo-Con.
         The constitution is what our king should wish it to be, and we should be pleased we have the freedoms he allows us today, and not risk his displeasure with what remains of them. The press, and all manor of public communications exist to please, and serve our king, and we should not concern ourselves with how our king should choose to communicate. The truth is as our king should wish it to be, and the king wishes that his corporate nobility should be in sole control of this things.
         Welcome to the Kingdom of America, God Bless Our King, King George the Bush, and his trusted Lords Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, and Donald Rumsfeldt. We are but chattel for their desires; we should be so pleased to have surrendered our civil liberties, our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for his righteous leadership.
        So we mourn the death of the democracy of the United States of America, and so ‘long live the King?’
         Happy Thoughts;
                        Dan Grady

    P.S.: King Lear allowed his jestor the Fool to mock him, our king is not so tolerant.

  • K.Leir (unverified)

    ... of course, Touchstone (King Lear's fool) was more a plot device than anything -- I'm sure it would be awkward to ask that of another plot device: "Oh Foreshadowing... can you please not be so ominous... it's a real bother."

    And although Shakespeare decided that his play would end in kind of reverse deux ex machina where everybody somehow winds up dead although Lear finally learns the true nature of Cordelia's love...

    the actual British history is a bloodier mess that sees a vengeful Lear survive and wreak a terrible vengeance upon his detractors.

    Which brings me to my point:

    George Bush vs. King Lear. Cage match. Discuss.

  • DAN GRADY (unverified)


    Dear K. Lear;

    'George Bush vs King Lear'would be an accurate metaphor for the Bush Administration vs War on Terra!! A scoundrel fighting the fiction to hold onto power.

    The way this contest works is everytime they trott out a fear we see them mobilize to grab another facet of governance, or cripple another leg on the stool of checks and balances on their power.

    I would be entertained by the analogy, but in truth I'm furious, and on the verge of drawing a line between myself and my government that has been transformed bit by bit into a Fascist's state.

    I swore as all whom served his or her country the same oath to serve, protect, and defend the Constitution & Bill of Rights of the United States of America. I don't care if every skyscraper in America is attacked by Islamo-Whatever, I will not surrender to the temptation to fall into a Fascist's nightmare for the benefit of a cabal of greedy scoundrels.

    I see the coming election as the last stand to protect our form of government, and I would like to think I'm not alone!

    As Karl Rove wanders the landscape of close races in Congress, and the Senate making grand promises of grants, new regulations, and all manors of bribrery of tax dollars for political gain, we see in the past the havoc caused when our natural resourses are treated as political capital, and his promises are never funded in Congress when time comes to follow though with the cash. We have reduced our government to a tool of the Neo-Cons' grab for power.

    Happy Thoughts;

    Dan Grady


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