Markos highlights Brading

On the front page of, the blogfather himself:

Oregon House district 49, represented by GOP House speaker Karen Minnis, is the only place I've spoken at a fundraiser -- for her Democratic challenger Rob Brading. It was during the CTG book tour and Jerome insisted we do it since he's lived in this district. As a result, while I rarely focus on state-level races, this is one I check in on every once in a while. So it's good to see that the most powerful Republican in Oregon is in serious danger of losing. A new poll has Minnis leading by a narrow 45-42 percent.

Give Rob Brading some love: Donate. Volunteer.

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    not to step on Kari's fundraiser pages, but to offer some other avenues that specifically highlight the power of the blogs to the candidates that receive the donations:

    Rob's on Loaded Orygun's fundraising page, and we've also put him on the NWBlue cooperative effort, bringing together blogreaders from throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

    I just dropped some money in for Rob and Mike Caudle, and also gave love to Larry Grant, who is running in one of the most heavily Republican districts in the country--Idaho's 1st--and is actually competitive. He really has a shot to win (the GOP is not at all happy with their candidate, the heinous Bill Sali), and the media markets are cheap, so even a few bucks is worth something to him.

    The national party is at a happy disadvantage right now--so many new races are popping up around the country that they can't get money to everyone. The people have to step in directly. So whichever page you use, just do it!

  • josh reynolds (unverified)

    Actually the most powerful republicans in Oregon are not elected officials at all. They happen to be located in Klamath Falls, Roseburg, Eugene and Portland. Nice try anyway.

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    not to step on Kari's fundraiser pages

    <h2>Um, there's not one here. That link above is to Rob Brading's donation page.</h2>

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