Moms Against 43

The No on 43 campaign has launched a new project -- the Moms Against 43. Head on over and join their campaign.

Here's one mom, with a powerful testimonial about why she's against 43.

Forward it to everyone you know. Discuss.

  • sarah (unverified)

    I'm another Mom against 43!!

    I like how this mom says that she's thinking about the real world, not just her own family when voting.

    Not every family is a model family! Vote no on 43!

  • JL (unverified)

    I have to agree with the mom in this commercial. I have a very close relationship with my 17 year old daughter. While I would hope that I would be the first one she would come to for help and guidance, I understand that she may be too embarrassed, feel that she let me down etc...The most important thing to me rather than know every secret in her life is that she is safe and has responsible adults to turn to if needed. If she wants/needs to have an abortion I want it to be with a reputable doctor and not some back alley hack from the 50's and 60's. Vote NO on Measure 43! for the safety of our kids.


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