Monster Rally of Doom at OSU on Halloween

T.A. Barnhart

The Governor, the Senator and the Congressman are coming to town. On Halloween. And they're bringing a whole bunch of Democratic candidates with them.

Be afraid, be very afraid — if you're a Republican.

The OSU College Dems and the Benton County Democrats are joining to host a Monster Rally featuring

Gov Ted Ghoul-ongoski

Senator Ron Die monster die-den

U.S. Rep Peter DeFazi-O my god don't go down there you fool!

State Rep Sara Ghost-ler

The Rally is at the OSU MU building, with live music from "Imaginary Friends", starting at 11:30. Then we move inside for brief words from our featured guests and a number of local candidates: Diana Simpson, Sam Sappington, Mario E Magana, Jason Brown, Dan Thackaberry, Jay Sexton and Benton County Commissioners Anna-boo Jaramillo and Jay Dixon.

For more information, call the BC Dems (541.752-4848) or send us a request by email. For parking information, check the OSU website or walk! Like I do. It's broad daylight; what could possibly happen to you?

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