My Most Important Vote

Karol Collymore

On Friday I'm having a party. It's not a regular old Karol dance party, but a ballot party. Fifteen or so of my friends and neighbors are coming to talk about candidates, ballot measures and hopefully not throw appetizers at each other over a library measure. The goal isn't to impose too many of my views on my friends, but to really facilitate civilized conversation over politics and a few good cocktails. While I won't list all my votes on this post, I will tell you about one that is important to me.

Oregon Supreme Court - Judge Virginia Linder
Not only is Judge Linder extremely qualified, she's intelligent, well-spoken, thoughtful, honest and fair. She had 26 years of public service under her belt as a lawyer and a judge and has the most experience on the ticket. My hope for Oregon is that we elect a person who has the qualifications to serve on Oregon's highest court. Having worked for this particular judge for the last few months, I'm confident that she is the real deal. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Check out all her endorsements from statewide newspapers, other judges and lawyers, elected officals, and other great Oregonians at It's fun to vote for someone you know is the most prepared for the job.

I love that vote by mail is an excuse for a party - I love even more that after we vote, we'll dance.

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    Full disclosure: Karol is the finance director for Judge Virginia Linder.

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    Great to hear you're having a ballot party! Would you be interested in some of the voter guides that we put together at the Multnomah County Democrats? It includes our endorsement for Judge Linder.

    And if anyone else wants some for their parties, they're welcome to them as well. We also have a guide that goes over some do's and don'ts as gathered from the SOS office.

    BTW-- I came home tonight to a robocall on my machine from Senator Smith asking for us to vote for her opponent. As if that would happen.

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    Kari, did me mentioning I worked for her not cut it? Thanks for the clarification... :)

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    Jenni, do you have an electronic version of your voter guide?

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    I sure do. I was going to work on a few edits tonight, but I just realized that I somehow managed to zip all the files together, except the voters guide.

    I'll post the PDF on the web once I get back into the office tomorrow so people can have access to it.

    It includes information on all those positions we've endorsed, from local offices and measures, to the legislature, to state ballot measures, to the governor's office.

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    At the risk of being uncooth...

    [...and that comment is deleted. off-topic and crude. -editor]

  • Tina (unverified)

    I met Judge Virginia Linder the other day in Corvallis and found her thoughtful, delighted by the law and refreshingly non-political. I feel she will work hard and she certainly has the skills and experience. She has my vote!

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    Jenni! I would love your voters guide for the party. It would help a ton - aside from me hoarding mailings on my kitchen table...

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    I've put the digital version of the voter guide here:

    We also have printed versions here in the office.

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    <h2>Shall I wear the pink or the black dress? I can't decide!</h2>

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