The Oregonian Gets One Thing Right Today

This morning the Oregonian endorsed Rob Brading's candidacy for against Speaker Karen Minnis. Here are a few choice cuts:

Voters in east county's District 49 should elect Rob Brading in Oregon's most important legislative race.

As House speaker, Karen Minnis has presided over two of the longest, most rancorous and least productive sessions in the history of the Oregon Legislature.

That's enough. Oregon voters should not stand for another legislative session rife with bad blood and partisanship, where little or nothing gets done on the core issues of education, health care and public safety.

If Oregonians hold anyone in the Legislature accountable in this election -- and they should -- it must be Minnis.

The dominant issue in this race is Minnis and her record, and the broad failures of the Legislature. Minnis herself is a genuinely nice and compassionate person, but the House has grown ever meaner and more politicized under her leadership. Minnis continually blam others, but she's served with two governors, two Democratic minority leaders and two Senate leaders. The one constant amid all the bitter politics is Minnis.

This can't go on. Voters must shake up the legislative leadership in the only direct way voters can in this election. In House District 49, voters should choose Democrat Rob Brading to replace Republican Karen Minnis.

Might be a good time to head on over to to Rob's website and make contribution and/or sign up to volunteer and help get Rob over the top.

  • randy davis (unverified)

    Yeah but the Oregonian wants Saxton... Without Gov.Ted, getting rid of Minnis is accomplishes little. So go to and volunteer NOW!!!

  • Wesley Charles (unverified)

    Yes, but there is more . . .

    This is not a call for a shift in partisan control of the House, which, in any case, depends on the outcome of many individual races. The only realistic way for voters to shake up the ineffectual leadership in Salem is through the proxy of the voters in East Multnomah County's House District 49. The Democrats who lead Oregon either are not up for re-election this year or face only token opposition. The House majority leader, Wayne Scott, R-Canby, is opposed by a young Democrat, Mike Caudle, with little public service experience and little chance of toppling Scott."

    The Oregonian recognizes that Wayne Scott will likley be the next speaker of the House, which will not land in Democrat control (notwithstanding wishful thinking.)

    In endorsing Saxton and Brading, the Big O is calling for the ejection of the do-nothing Governor and the divisive House speaker, which has less to do with party affiliation but more to do with their respective performances the past four years.

    • Wes
  • (Show?)

    Wayne Scott has no intention of being Speaker.

    He wants to be the power broker behind the scenes with sock puppet as Speaker.

    The O's endorsement of Saxton is nutty. They lay out a list of things that they think need to be accomplished and then endorse a candidate that has no intention of accomplishing them.

    The endorsement for Brading makes sense IF you believe the O really wants increased funding for education, emergency services, etc. That's what they say they want.

    But their endorsement of Saxton sure doesn't lend itself to believing they mean it.

  • Stan Pdgorny (unverified)

    Minnis keeps her seat 'cause ya can't win by tellin' folk what you ain't. I 'spect the Oregonian figg'red that one out. 'bout said as much.

    <h2>I swear to the almighty, if we lose the gov's office, fail to take the House and lose one more senate seat, y'all who lead us to d'feat might as well cut off yer shoe heels, live in trees an' learn to play the flute. 'Cause there'll be hell to pay.</h2>
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