O's Stickel: Why bother having an editorial board at all?

The controversy still rages on about the Oregonian's editorial decision to endorse Ron Saxton. After all, opinion editor Bob Caldwell recently admitted that he personally made the call to endorse Saxton, despite six of the ten members of the editorial board wanting to endorse Ted Kulongoski.

Over at Hines Sight, blogger Brian Hines uncovers this brilliant gem from 2004's decision to endorse John Kerry:

[Fred] Stickel [the publisher] was disappointed by the decision but says he respects it. Although he could have overridden the choice, he considers that foolish. “Why would you have an editor of the editorial board, why would you have six associate editors, if you’re going to sit there and tell them what to do?” he says.

Good question, Fred. Good question.

What does Brian Hines say about that?

I wish Bob Caldwell would have asked it of himself before he overrode the gubernatorial preference of a majority of the editorial board. What’s foolish for one overrider is foolish for another. Stickel was smart enough to recognize that an endorsement based on one person’s personal opinion is meaningless.

Which, we now know, the Saxton endorsement is.

Head on over to Hines Sight to read the rest of Brian's excellent analysis. Discuss over there.


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