Paul Evans Update

By Chris Hulshof of Independence who says he's "a student at Western Oregon University, works full-time at Salem's T-Mobile call center, and volunteers around 20 hours each week, lately to political campaigns."

Over 100 volunteers flooded the streets of Marion and Polk Counties last Saturday to spread the word of Oregon's newest and most promising Senate candidate; Paul Evans. As supporters began to amass upon the capitol steps in Salem, it became clear that no single-candidate canvass this election cycle brought out as many people as the Democratic grassroots campaign did on October 22nd.

Nearly 4,200 homes were reached across Oregon's 10th Senate District. Notable figures from near and far came to knock doors with Evans, including Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson, members of SEIU 503, Carpenters Local 1065, OLCV, and the Teamsters.

"In just a little over two weeks, we are going to change our community. It's because of you," Evans told the crowd of over 100 supporters at the Capitol steps in person and several dozen in Monmouth via speakerphone. "You've knocked on doors, called our neighbors on the phone, and worked harder than I could've imagined. You are making this possible. I'll go to Afghanistan for the 60-day assignment knowing our campaign is in good hands. And when I return in January, we are going to begin to reclaim the promise of Oregon."

Evans is a Major in the Oregon Air National Guard and was requested for a two-month mission in Afghanistan over the holidays. He will depart from America on Nov. 5th, just two days before ballots are due, and will be back in time to serve in the legislature if elected.

TONIGHT: A send-off rally will be held for Paul on Saturday, October 28th at 7:00 PM at the Salem Heights Community Hall (3505 Liberty Rd. S, Salem OR). Amongst numerous guests scheduled to attend are former Governor Barbara Roberts, Congresswoman Darlene Hooley, and U.S. Senator Ron Wyden.

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