Polk County Dems pull endorsement

From the Salem Statesman-Journal:

An official in the Polk Country Democratic Central Committee said the political group has withdrawn its endorsement of Ron Dodge in the county commissioner's race.

Dodge, a Democrat, is seeking a fifth term as a commissioner. His challenger is West Salem resident Don Homuth.

"We discussed it for quite a long time and reached a unanimous decision," said Wendy Brokaw, Polk County Democratic Central communications committee chairwoman. The group met Thursday.

Brokaw said the withdrawal was because Dodge repeatedly breached a commitment to at least remain neutral in the race for Polk County Commissioner, Position 2, between the party's endorsed candidate, Sue Lamb, and Republican Tom Ritchey.


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    I'm glad that Democrats everywhere are starting to wake up and realize that party unity should count for something and is worth enforcing.

  • JHL (unverified)

    ... and I'm disappointed that the Democrats are using endorsements as a means of punishment, rather than simply stating who is the best person for a particular position.

  • Robert Huffman (unverified)

    I guess I'm confused: what exactly is an endorsement if not a statement of who is the best person for the job?

  • Harry (unverified)

    I was for Ron Dodge before I was against him.

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    I think it is a good thing for endorsements to be pulled when a candidate refuses to follow the guidelines or agreements that went along with the endorsement.

    It wasn't as if he breached the agreement once-- the above item said he did it repeatedly.

    He agreed to stay neutral as part of the endorsement. He didn't live up to that agreement. Now he pays the consequences.

  • JHL (unverified)

    Anon -- that would make sense if the endorsement was for "Most likely to cowtow to the Party's every whim and desire."

    But it seems that either: 1) The Polk County Dems didn't think that Dodge would be the best person for the job, but endorsed him anyway so long as he was a source of political support... or 2) The Polk County Dems know that Dodge is the best person for the job, but withdrew their endorsement because he' didn't endorse (or not endorse) who they wanted him to.

    If Dodge is gutsy enough to do what he thinks is right, knowing the political ramifications down the road... than he'd have my vote if I lived in Polk County.

  • j roten (unverified)

    In Polk County we have county commissioners who like to run as a team.This means good ol' boys versus outsiders (i.e. newcomers).

    Ron Dodge (4 term career politician and Democratic nominee) ran in the Republican primary as a write in candidate using Democrat contributed money (they didn't know it) and the republican ol'boys supported him in the primary over one of their own, a conservative republican named Brian Hewitt. Then Ron Dodge and his republican team began to gang attack the other Democrat, Sue Lamb, who was running against one of the "Republican Team", Tom Richie, also up for re-election.

    As you see this isn't really about R's and D's, it's about machine politics and oligarchy in back-water USA. It's about whether people have a chance to participate in democracy or if it's all sewed up before any election by those who have the incumbancy and are unfettered by any oversight that the polotical parties should give.

    And if we can't truct Ron Dodge not to betray us in the voluntary oraganization we all have joined (the Democratic Party) then how can we trust him to represent us in a paid position like the county commission?

    At least the local Democrats had the guts to protect the true Democrat in the race by ousting the stealth Republican. Another Lieberman clone like so many that can't get a place in the party of their heart, the GOP.

  • Eyeball Kid (unverified)

    Mr. Dodge's behavior with regard to the local Democratic Party amounts to a betrayal. That he would discourage his constituency from voting for a superior candidate so that he could keep his private deals with Republican cronies, while taking money from Democratic contributors hints of fraud, at a minimum. Local contributors EXPECTED that their money would go toward an emerging Democratic force within the county. Dodge took the money and, in the most cynical manner possible, used it to support his Republican buddies.

    Anyone with a lick of sense would strongly suspect that Dodge has a lot to hide by keeping a newcomer from getting in on long-held secrets. What's he hiding?

  • Suzanne Price (unverified)

    As a very active Democrat from Polk County, I think the members of this board should know that some of us are distressed that we all failed to anticipate the problems that would inevitably arise and to deal with them in a timely manner last spring. The result was a rushed process which was unfortunate in several respects, as well as inaccurate media coverage.

    The withdrawal of endorsement by the PCD Central Committee resulted from Dodge's alleged failure to follow his commitment to remain neutral re Sue Lamb's campaign ... and nothing else. Certainly it was not an implied smear on the Commissioners or an implied endorsement of the Independent candidate.

    Personally, I support both Democratic candidates for Polk County Commissioner; both have strengths, both have weaknesses. This is a small county and we take what we can get.

    <h2>There are more important things at stake in this election, for example, re-electing progressives to powerful positions: Kulongoski and Hooley. I realize emotional statements about betrayals and conspiracy theories are intriguing, but the future of our country is at stake here. Let's use our indignation in the most effective way.</h2>
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