Ron Saxton: Just a "happy man in a bar".

No sign of that El Grande Saxtonville Margarita, but as far as Fox News is concerned, Ron Saxton is just... well, watch the video over at

  • proud lefty (unverified)

    I expect that we will see the Saxton camp use this video as proof that Ron has extensive foreign policy experience and can establish working relations with North Korea that could benefit all Oregonians.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Heya Kari.

    If Fox News ran into Governor Teddy K in a bar, the next day's RNC ad would say:

    "Oregon's governor FLAUNTS FILTHY DRUG HABIT!"

    One day, the DEMS will learn to fight back. Hard and nasty.

    One day.

  • (Show?)

    I think it's just more proof that Ron Saxton doesn't want us to know what his real likes and dislikes are. Fox News catches him in a bar, but he tells Candidates Gone Wild that his fridge is stocked with root beer and diet snapple.

    Kinda like the cherry farm that's really a pinot gris vineyard.

    At least Ted is a beer guy - and proudly so. He knows what he's about.

  • Righty (unverified)


  • Can't a guy get a drink? (unverified)

    Come on, Kari... I honestly don't know if you're being sarcastic or not -- but that extra poke about the vineyard says maybe not.

    So anyone who's got Snapple and Root Beer in their fridge is a hypocrite if they go to a bar? Kind of a stretch.

    Can we look into the possibility that Ron Saxton is a candidate we dislike because of his wrong stances on many, many issues... but in his personal life is a good person who stocks his fridge with Snapple and goes to bars on occasion? Why the hit?

  • Chuck Butcher (unverified)

    "Why the hit?" Lessee, he lies, he misleads, he takes both sides of an issue, does what he wants, regardless of ethics, so why would anything he does be simply "just a personal deal?" I would not associate myself with a person who behaves in the manner he has, and publicly, no less. If he scratches his nose I'd be looking for an ulterior motive.


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