Something Rotten in Eugene

Over at Loaded Orygun, Carla has a great post further exposing the Rovian campaign tactics of Jim Torrey against State Senator Vicki Walker in what's shaping up to be the hottest race for the Oregon State Senate this year. From the post:

Walker has apparently sent out mailers and played TV ads playing up Torrey's support for Bush/Iraq--and its helped make the race tight.

Tight enough that Torrey decided to exploit a mom and the tragic murder of her son.

On October 4, the Torrey campaign sent a two page letter from Janyce Iturra whose son Aaron was brutally murdered in an apparent attempt to keep him from testifying against a gang member.

The letter is a lazy and nasty attempt on the part of the Torrey campaign to take a shot at Walker. Had Torrey's people bothered to research the claims in this letter, they'd have known them to be false.

Read and discuss over there. Then go check out how the Lane County Democrats are fighting back and how you can help Vicki Walker makes sure this brand of negativity is rejected.


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