The Height of Hypocrisy?

Over on Loaded Orygun, Carla has a very interesting post outlining how the proponents of Measures 46 & 47 effectively hid their donors from disclosure for a LONG time. From LO:

The problem is, they don't report at the same time that the other PACS do because they're not the designated initiative/measure PAC. So we have to wait until their reporting time in order to find out who is funding them.

This is perfectly legal, incidentally. But for a group of people who claim the moral high ground when it comes to campaign finance reform, skirting the spirit of the law by making citizens sift through several layers seems somewhat less than morally/ethically superior. According to my chat with the folks down at the Secretary of State's office, that's the spirit of the current law, anyway.

This is all perfectly legal, as Carla points out, but this reeks of hypocrisy coming from the would be reformers. Further, they apparently couldn't even hit the first deadline they had in 13 months, which will ultimately lead to nearly $10,000 in fines.

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