The Rural Road to Pachydermic Eradication Continues

By Gus Frederick of Silverton, Oregon. A native Oregonian, Gus is campaign manager for Jim Gilbert (D), challenging Rep. Mac Sumner (R-Molalla.) Previously, Gus contributed "Running a campaign in rural Oregon".

Well, here we are, just shy of a month left in this and other races. And with a month of experience behind me, I must admit this has indeed been and continues to be a learning experience for me.

Jim Gilbert continues to mingle with the masses. Last Saturday he remarked that he would be a "Walking Animal" and visit even more houses and meet even more people the following day. Our PR campaign is ramping up big time with our first mailer cast into the Postal Sea on Saturday, (mere moments before the Molalla P.O. shut their doors) and another, our first full color "positive" piece going out district-wide today.

As a graphic artist, I get to design and produce these "slick mailers." Since we have me on board, the campaign saves the bucks that we would normally have to pay to produce these things. Another graphic artist has been doing the main walking piece, so we are indeed fortunate to have his donated in kind services as well. And the other volunteers. Dedicated folks that continue to impress and amaze me with their dedication.

Of course the big news has been getting Jim on Thom Hartmann's Show, and getting the endorsement of one of the largest weeklies in the District. And I have taken on the task to follow Farmer Jim around with my camera and document as many house parties, candidate forums and other public appearances, which I routinely post on the Web site under our Events pages. Meanwhile, Mac's Website remains unchanged since Chuck Adams & Co. flipped the switch to light it up last month.

Another less successful, though appreciated by those that show up has been our Thursday Free Movie Nights, where we open the doors to our Silverton campaign HQ to show a variety of timely classic films. Last week was "Atomic Cafe" with a couple of old Twilight Zone episodes, (remember "The Monsters come out on Maple Street?"). The local theatre owner (and Mayoral candidate) has been providing fresh buttered popcorn. This week: "Seven Days in May."

All in all, a different kind of campaign. But we are still doing the conventional stuff as well: Canvassing, phoning, letters to the editors and various GOTV activities. Tonight we have our first public meeting with the opposition, during a candidates forum being sponsored by the Foothills Grange in Colton. Finally a chance to see "Our Representative" in the flesh. I will be there to video tape the whole show. And of course hand out our first "Hit Piece." No mud, just facts. Mr. Sumner's voting record juxtaposed with his campaign contributions. Ya gotta love it. Like a critter that is being hunted, turning to the hunter and presenting him with a fully loaded elephant gun.

Meanwhile the hunted critter stays in the background, (being $18K in the hole according to the latest C&E). The only evidence of active campaigning being the State R Machine's "Hoffman Institute" phone and mail polls. Apparently fishing for a perceived public direction, these have been pretty mild so far. However, I still keep expecting that other shoe to drop one of these days. But we continue to press on, best symbolized by Farmer Jim's constant canvassing throughout the district, and knock-knock-knocking on all those doors.

  • spicey (unverified)

    thanks for the update on your campaign. I'd love to read others from around the state.

    also, anyone want to do a "here's the campaigns that have the best chance of winning a close one - and a few bucks could be well-spent "here" kind of blog? Thanks for all the work so many of you are doing to remove the pachyderms.


  • (Show?)

    also, anyone want to do a "here's the campaigns that have the best chance of winning a close one - and a few bucks could be well-spent "here" kind of blog?

    Will do! Look for it early next week.

  • Billy B (unverified)
    (Show?) away refreshments at a free movie night.....sounds a lot like a violation of the undue influence statute....perhaps the Secretary of State should look into this....that is, if the unions let him.

  • (Show?)

    Oh, the trolls, the trolls...

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)

    Jim Gilbert is a great guy who is willing to run again after experiencing the paucity of help extended to a "non-targeted" candidate in his run two years ago. He deserves any help Blue Staters can extend.

    He would be an excellent representative of his rural district.

    Go get 'em, Jim!

  • Mark Musick (unverified)

    Thanks, Gus, for the update on Jim's campaign. I appreciate your effective use of the Web, including the great photo and link to the Thom Hartmann interview on Jim's homepage!

    Any chance for a video clip from Jim's debate with Sumner? Also, I'd love to see your factsheet on Sumner's voting record compared to his campaign contributions.

    Best wishes in the homestretch!

  • (Show?)

    Incidentally, there have been some questions about the meaning of the headline that I wrote.

    First, since I don't believe there are any actual elephants in Molalla, we're not actually talking about killing any elephants.

    Second, the metaphorical elephants - i.e. Republicans - include only the incumbents, not the many Republicans that are supporting the Democratic candidate this year.

    And third, "eradication" simply means booting the incumbent from office - not anything more sinister.

    Perhaps a meaningful, but less humorous, translation would be "The Rural Road to Removing Republicans from the Legislature Continues"....

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  • Stan Pdgorny (unverified)

    "The Rural Road to Removing Republicans from the Legislature Continues"....

    Really Mr. Chisolm? Since when? '04? '02? 1990?

    I 'preciate the climb Jim Gilbert is makin' in tackl'n a Republic'n in eleph'nt country. He's earned my r'spect.

    But really, Dems been bleedin' blue in th' country since runnin' an' hidin' in the big city. Party wonks gave it to 'em long time ago. Call yer selv's pergress'ves. Ought to call yer selves RE-gress'ves 'cause you ain't made no progress on that front.

    Gotta clean up th' party first. Grow a spine. That'd be real progress.

  • Harry (unverified)

    But does the Pachyderm have Big Hair?....and is it Blue hair?

    You would have a trifecta if you could find a Pachyderm with Big Hair that is Blue!!

    I love your head lines....keep it up, even if no Pachyderms were hurt in this post.

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