Kos: Thank you, Rob Brading

A quick heads-up. Kari's post today on Rob Brading has been highlighted and front-paged by Markos, over at DailyKos.com.

Earlier this year, Markos and his Crashing the Gates co-author Jerome Armstrong headlined a fundraiser for Rob Brading - the only fundraiser they did on the entire book tour.

We all worked our asses off for our favorite candidates, gave our time, our money, poured our heart and souls on behalf of the cause. But our sacrifices are nothing like those of our candidates. They put their lives on hold, are forced to give up precious family time, have to make non-stop and demeaning fundraising calls, kiss too many rings, too many asses to get endorsements from self-important issue groups and fundraising help from big money donors, they have to be on the road non-stop for months, often with little sleep, knowing that one innocent slip up could end up on YouTube and sink all their hard work down the drain.

All the while, you get trashed this way and that by your opponents, pundits, bloggers, anonymous cowards, getting dragged through the mud in plain view of your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances.

And for what? If you're challenging an incumbent, you'll probably lose. And if you're challenging the most powerful Republican in all of Oregon, you'll definitely probably lose.

Yet Brading, and so many like him, didn't let all that deter them. And if we're lucky, they'll jump back on the saddle and make another go at it in two, four, or six years.

And they do so because they are willing to surrender personal safety and comfort for something much bigger than themselves.

I would never ask someone to run for office. I don't hate anyone that much. But for those who do, I have nothing but the most intense and genuine respect.

So thank you Rob, and thank you to all of our candidates, win or lose. You all made a difference.

Check it out. Discuss over there, or on Kari's post.


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