Bring your ballot, phone bank, and hear the Governor on Thursday night!

By Jason León of Portland, Oregon. Jason is a native Oregonian working as the deputy political director at the Democratic National Committee, and is responsible for overseeing Governor Howard Dean's "50 State Strategy." In 2004. he was the political director for Carry Oregon, the Kerry/Edwards coordinated campaign.

Tomorrow night, Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Governor Ted Kulongoski will host a call-in conference call at phone bank locations and ballot parties around the state to update Democrats on the progress we’re making toward reelecting Governor Kulongoski and taking back congress. Representative Jeff Merkley and Senators Kate Brown and Peter Courtney will be on hand to update us on the fight to turn the state house blue and strengthen our numbers in the senate.

We all know how close Governor Kulongoski's race is and how important a strong Democratic turnout will be keeping Right Wing Ron from bringing the Bush agenda to Salem. Governor Kulongoski needs absolutely every vote he can get this year.

To help, you can attend a phone bank or ballot party tomorrow night, November 2. The events offer a place for people to drop off their ballots so they can be delivered in time. By attending an event and contacting voters, you can help ensure that Oregon voters have their voices heard and their votes counted. County Democratic Parties and grassroots activists are hosting phone banks and ballot parties all over the state. Sign up for a ballot party here.

Attend an event and help with GOTV phone banks and volunteer recruitment for the final weekend’s campaign activities. Events happening across Oregon will serve as nerve centers for Democratic communities across the state -- connecting activists together just days before Election Day to help push Democratic candidates over the top.

Whether you're in Eastern Oregon or on the Coast, down the Valley or in the Portland metro area, attend a phone bank or ballot party and encourage your friends, families and neighbors to fill out and turn in their ballots.

Turn out will be crucial in this election, so let's all work to get those ballots in.

If you can't come to a phone bank or ballot party on the 2nd, you can still sign up to volunteer for the final push.

Thanks for all that you are doing to get the vote out!

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