Ali Edwards: Celebration

One of the hidden little gems of this political season has been the blog of Ali Edwards -- wife of candidate Chris Edwards... er, Representative-elect Chris Edwards.

Chris and Ali Edwards

Most of the time, her blog focuses on her family and her work -- helping folks capture memories through scrapbooking. She gets thousands of readers every day (and three times the comments of our little blue blog here.)

As it turns out, blogging is a pretty good way to capture memories, too. Ali blogged her way through election day - and we've been remiss in not sharing that stuff with you.

First, there was the anticipation of the morning.

Our lives will change today. One of the most amazing things I am facing right now is that, regardless of the outcome, our lives will be changed today in a big way. How often do you really know that your life will change? ... I am anxious. I am excited. I am trying to keep it all in perspective and know that whatever happens it will be for something good.

So what's happening right now? It is 8:30am and Chris is out waving signs in the pouring (seriously pouring) rain in one area of our community. After that he will be back on the phones encouraging last minute voters to turn in their ballots.

Then, several posts throughout the evening with election results - and hundreds of comments.

And finally, this one - Wednesday morning - along with some great photos:

Wow. Wow. Wow. That's all I can say.

Amazing. Wonderful. Awesome. Ok, there's a couple more words.

Thank you for all the kind & enthusiastic comments and well wishes.

This is such a huge deal. Being a political newcomer and beating an incumbent is really tough. Chris worked so very long and hard for this with the support of such an amazing staff - I am so proud of him and all the people who helped make this a reality. And I am even more excited about the work that he will be beginning now - such an amazing opportunity to do good.

Today we are taking a deep breath. We are celebrating. We are planning. We are smiling.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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    One other thing about Ali - we actually asked her to design a piece of direct mail that was sent to all women in the district. Its is one of the best pieces we've done for any candidate in the two years I've been here at Future PAC. Ali is an amazing talent. We like to call her the Michael Jordon of scrapbooking.

    Here's the post she did on her blog about it:

  • Chuck Butcher (unverified)

    Thanks Chris and Ali, especially. Candidates know how tough it is for their spouses, everybody else is looking just looking in from out.

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    As a scrapbooker, I definitely know Ali Edwards. She does great work, and I have "scraplifted" some of her designs before. However, I didn't realize that she was Chris Edwards' wife. I'm surprised I never saw anything about that on the two Oregon scrapbooking e-mail lists we have.

    I'm not surprised that she was able to create a great direct mail piece, as her scrapbook work is really good.

  • Val (unverified)

    The DPLC was proud to be able to help out on Chris's campaign because he was an excellent hardworking candidate, a decent person and we figured he must be all that and a bag of chips because he had such an amazing wife. When we met Chris Edwards, we liked him a lot and we were ecstatic when he decided to run for the HD 14 seat after moving to the district to enroll his son in the special education program here. After meeting Ali at the Oregon Summit we decided we actually liked her even more than we liked Chris, which is saying a lot because he has a huge fan base in the DPLC. Ali is not only artistically creative (that mail piece was hands down the best one I have ever seen) but she is funny and nice as well. Chris, Ali and their son Simon were at the Fairgrounds on election night and it was wonderful to be there with them and celebrate this hard won victory.

    I have met a lot of people in politics but there are some who stand out above the others and for which I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with and get to know, Chris Edwards is one of those people and his wife Ali is another.


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    Here's another shot at that link that Jon provided.

  • LT (unverified)

    Val, You should identify DPLC. One of the points made in the excellent book on writing Elements of Style is respect for audience: at some point there are likely to be people reading your work who don't know all the acronyms.

    Otherwise, an excellent comment.

  • Val (unverified)

    Very good point LT. The DPLC is the Democratic Party of Lane County, an organization which won every single one of the races we targeted in '06 two of which contributed to the Democrats taking the majority in the Oregon House (Jean Cowen and Chris Edwards), one which helped keep a good Democrat in his seat (Rep. Arnie Roblan) one which helped us keep the Senate majority (Sen. Vicki Walker) and of course, we would like to take at least partial responsibility for keeping Ted as our Governor. Not that I am bragging, just giving you background info...

  • LT (unverified)
    <h2>Thanks Val--excellent group you have there.</h2>

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