House Dems promise "the most open, accessible session in at least a generation"

From the Salem Statesman-Journal:

Oregon House Democratic leaders offered an olive branch to Republicans Tuesday, promising a new era of inclusiveness when they take control of the chamber in January.

"This session will be the most open, accessible session in at least a generation in Oregon," said Rep. Dave Hunt, D-Milwaukie, the next House majority leader. ...

House Republican leaders kept a partisan lock on the chamber in the 2005 session. GOP leaders squelched several bills introduced by Democrats and punished Democrats for using parliamentary gimmicks to drum up publicity for languishing bills.

There won't be any payback when Democrats regain power with their new 31-29 majority, the new House leaders said.

"There are not going to be things that are meant to make Democrats look good and Republicans look bad," Hunt said. "I think the best way we can respond is to demonstrate how good government can function."

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  • LT (unverified)

    The best "payback" would be a totally open process. Disagreements aired in public in committee hearings (you may support that, but I support this wording instead), minority reports allowed onto the House floor to be voted on so the record would show who voted for the minority report and who voted for the majority report. Any bill with the support of many members being actually allowed through the hearing process and onto the House floor. Members having town hall meetings. Members holding press conferences and answering questions from reporters. Members sending out email newsletters, writing guest opinions and letters to the editor saying "I have sponsored HB 1234 about ---- because I believe it will start solving the ___ problem by---".

    <h2>Open government (sunshine is the best disinfectant), what a concept!</h2>
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