Portland Limericks

Over at the Portland Water Bureau blog, they're hoping that you'll write a limerick homage to the Benson Bubblers.

Something like this...

If historical landmarks you seek,
Out in Portland we’ve something unique:
Benson Bubblers you’ll see
Drinking water flows free
And they’re cleaned every day of the week.*

(Of course, the city provides this disclaimer... "The Water Bureau doesn't clean the Benson bubbler bowls daily.")

The contest deadline is Wednesday at 5 p.m. Make your entries here.

Meanwhile, feel free to use this space to post your own limericks about Portland - any topic is fair game.

Have fun!

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    Though I must give Mr. Benson his due, I'm never too sure of the stuff that they spew Did a homeless man yak? Did that kid just spit it back? I look at what bubbles and say "Ewww."


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