Sal Peralta: legislative watchdog

Sal Peralta, who lost his legislative race by a surprisingly narrow margin of just under 400 votes, told the McMinnville News-Register last weekend that he doesn't plan on going away:

"I plan to pursue the same agenda that I was pursuing when I was running for office," Peralta said on Friday. "Citizens need to reclaim control of the political process from special interests."

When the Legislature convenes in January, the 36-year-old Peralta plans to be a familiar face in Salem, lobbying for ethics reform and trying to persuade fellow Democrats to eliminate the corporate kicker.

The majority that his party now enjoys in the House and Senate do not, in his view, guarantee progress on either front.

"I'm not convinced that we'll see any movement on the kicker," he said. Meanwhile, lawmakers are likely to drag their feet on any meaningful ethics reform. The best that the public might see on that issue, he said, is "window dressing" legislation.

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  • LT (unverified)

    Good for you, Sal!

    When Democrats had majority before, there were some in that majority who didn't see campaign finance reform, or ethics reform, or a more intelligent tax system as a priority. Now we finally have the majority back, they need to consider all those things incl. corporate kicker in order to retain majority--and not just get lulled into status quo on some issues or into power games.

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    By way of setting the record straight: I said that I was concerned that all we'd see is "window dressing legislation" with regard to ethics reform. I didn't say it is "the best we can hope for".

    There are several people in the Democratic caucus, particularly in the House, who support serious lobbying reform. Our job as citizens is to help make those people a legislative majority in both houses.

    • Sal
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    LT -- you do know that there's not a single member of the Oregon House Democrats caucus that was in the caucus in the 1980s, right? This isn't the same majority...

  • Sponge (unverified)

    Sal, You're a class act. I felt bad, a month ago, prediciting you couldn't win that race - especially after I met you. My only regret is that you pulled back the reins after Donna had her heart attack. You were very gracious to send her flowers in the hospital, but I think you should have exploited your youthful energy, as a contrast, and hit the streets even harder that last week. You are the best dem candidate that district has seen since Marilyn Dell. I hope you'll be back.

  • Rep. Peter Buckley (unverified)


    There goes those bribes I was planning to accept this session...

    I'd love to see Sal in Salem on a regular basis anyway, anyhow. I'm hoping a smart progressive organization of some kind will snap up his services and put him to work. You couldn't ask for anyone who works harder or cares more.

    Thanks & Onward, PB

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    Well, we do have the 2007 Progressive Leadership Summit to plan. And we had talked about trying to get DemFest here in Oregon. ; )

    I hope to see you around Salem in the coming year. I'm hoping to get people here more involved with what is happening in Salem so that people know what their legislature is doing. Also to get them more involved so they can stand behind the Dem leadership and show that Oregonians support their plans.

  • Les Lambert (unverified)


    <h2>We know you're joking, but, having been "mis-quoted out of context", you may not want to say such things ('Damn. There goes those...') even in jest.</h2>
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