Saxton backpedals on "leadership" claim

The media - including Salem's Statesman-Journal and Eugene's Register-Guard - have picked up the story that started here at BlueOregon. As Congressman Earl Blumenauer wrote yesterday, in a guest column:

Ron Saxton said that he was a leader in Oregon’s campaign to lower the voting age as a student at Albany High School and Willamette University. I was a little taken aback because I organized, chaired and devoted several years of my life first to the state voting age campaign, and then the national ratification of the constitutional amendment for the 18-year-old vote. ...

It’s interesting that he would claim something that would appear so clearly inaccurate. It is one more sad example that the Ron Saxton who is running for Governor is not the Ron Saxton some of us thought we knew over the last 25 years.

Reaction in the Register-Guard:

Saxton campaign manager Felix Schein on Wednesday defended his candidate's claim, although he played down the notion that Saxton led the effort or was involved while in college.

"Ron was involved in the effort. He certainly played a role in Albany where he grew up. But never has he said he was the only one involved and never has he tried to take credit away from Congressman Blumenauer," Schein said. ...

"Is it possible that ... he did something or showed up in Salem? I'm not saying it's not possible," Blumenauer said. "I'm just saying that if he were one of the leaders, I would have known about it."


  • perpetualstudent (unverified)

    Yawn!!! Another lie by Saxton. About as interesting as Dog bites Man. How many lies has he made this election?

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    The more damning thing that wasn't mentioned by the RG which Earl wrote was this:

    Even more curious is his claim that he was a student leader for lowering the voting age while attending Willamette University. Ron didn’t arrive at Willamette as a freshman until the Fall of 1972, 15 months after we ratified the amendment in 1971 Legislative Session. Was he somehow active at Willamette, a year before he was accepted as a student?

    Sorry, Earl is way to polite and cautious about making declarative statements, but I will gladly call Saxton a lying bullshit artist who made the claim up out of whole cloth and is trying to walk it back even though Earl is too polite to say it explicitly. Yeah, it's possible that Saxton had a time travel machine and retroactively helped out at WU, but I think we can dispense with the James Cameron plot device and the less than credible claim that he was traipsing over to WU some year and a half before he started attending to help secure student voting rights. Sorry Ron, and your spokesman hack... I call bullshit.

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    Actually, the RG did mention it - and included a BS answer from Felix the Cat:

    The Democratic congressman also labeled as "curious" Saxton's claim that he was one of the leaders of the movement while at Willamette, given that the voting age amendment had been ratified by the Oregon Legislature in 1971, which predated Saxton's 1972 enrollment at Willamette University. Schein explained that Saxton wasn't able to recall during the candidates forum whether the Legislature finished its work on the voting age in 1971 - when he was in high school - or in 1973, by which time he was a college student.

    Yeah, he was makig wild-ass claims even though he couldn't remember the actual facts -- more faith-based politics from the local Bushie clones

  • proud lefty (unverified)

    I just don't know what else you need to read or hear to understand Saxton is a lying weasel. Thank god/jesus/karma/buddha for BlueOregon's ability to get the lazy ass daily rags off the sofa and do some reporting!

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