Swing State Project on Gordon Smith

Over at the Swing State Project -- the blog that served as the organizing center for the Paul Hackett campaign -- they're calling you out, BlueOregonians:

The electorate in Oregon wants to believe that moderates of both parties can exist. After the Hatfields and McCalls and even Packwoods of a generation ago, there is a deep seated desire for pragmatic, bipartisan leadership. Gordon Smith looks like he fits this model, and unless the people of Oregon can be shown that he is like every other social conservative they've spent 20 years rejecting, he will continue to be re-elected.

The only way this is going to happen is with a coordinated, effective campaign by the blogosphere and activist class to show who Smith really is and that campaign needs to start today. Oregon is still a blue state, Gordon Smith is not wildly popular and he can be made to be vulnerable, but his vulnerability will only come about if we make it.

Read the rest and discuss over there.


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