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During the high political season, many of our readers have become daily readers (or even multiple-times-a-day readers) of BlueOregon. And we thank you for your continued faith in us.

But, we know full well that many of you will go back to your other pursuits - sports, family, music, hiking, whatever - and you'll stop coming by here quite so often.

So, to help you stay in touch with BlueOregon, we'd like to invite you to get BlueOregon headlines by email - once a week, on Thursdays. We've been sending out the weekly email for a few months now, and many of the 3000+ subscribers tell us that it's an indispensable way to stay on top of BlueOregon.

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  • Jamie (unverified)

    Thanks BlueOregon for being a great source of info during this time.

    One totally random and lightweight observation: From time to time I've wondered, as have a few others here, why on a progressive political blog we get treated to occasional and unexpected posts on team sports. Juxtapose that with noticing that as you muse on what readers might be getting back to, you list sports first, and family second. Interesting.

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    Posted by: Jamie | Nov 9, 2006 2:00:07 PM

    Yeah because familes nor progressives are ever involved in sports.



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    Yeah, Kari, you left off your list "formulating cockamamie speculation by ascribing heavy meaning to incidental details".

  • Ross Williams (unverified)

    Haven't you people heard of rss?

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    Ross -- Of course we have. But lots of people don't want the instantaneous stuff - they want the once-a-week that includes all the headlines, so they can pick and choose.

    <h2>Me? I want the insta-links, so I use RSS (via LeftyBlogs.) But we've got several thousand happy subscribers.</h2>

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