Vladimir Golovan to face grand jury

During the 2004 primary, Portland's Voter-Owned Elections campaign finance system was abused by candidate Emilie Boyles and her campaign manager, Vladimir Golovan. It's alleged that they faked the $5 qualifying contributions.

Now, a state grand jury is being convened to consider criminal charges:

The Oregon Department of Justice will convene a grand jury this month to consider possible criminal charges against Vladimir Golovan, the Slavic activist who helped Portland City Council candidate Emilie Boyles qualify for public campaign financing and later land her in hot water with city regulators.

An Oregonian investigation last spring found numerous problems with Golovan's work for Boyles. Her contribution sheet, for example, contained several instances in which one person appears to have signed for several, an apparent violation of state election law. In interviews, nine people on Boyles' contribution list said they did not recall donating to her and, in most cases, did not recognize her name or Golovan's.


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