Vote by Mail discussion at DailyKos

Over at, Markos has posted a discussion about vote by mail -- kicked off by Senator Ron Wyden:

As already reported voting difficulties continue to frustrate voters in another decisive election, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden renewed his proposal to simplify the way Americans vote. Wyden has introduced legislation to provide funds to help states adopt Vote by Mail election systems, such as Oregon's.

"The great Yogi Berra said it best: 'It's Déjà vu all over again.' Except instead of the boys of October, we're talking about the long lines and broken machines of November." Wyden said. "Allegations of election fraud and voter suppression were once rarities, today they're business as usual for the American voter. It's time to stop throwing taxpayer dollars at a broken system. Oregonians have a solution--Vote by Mail."

In a separate diary, Oregonian Jeremy Wright (who managed the 1998 campaign to create vote-by-mail) is offering up a Q&A for non-Oregonians to understand how it all works:

I have noticed Kos pushing VBM which is great and I also noticed alot of questions about the mechanics of the system so I thought I would help on that front. This will be more about the actual mechanics of how it works and less about the merits of VBM.

Can vote-by-mail spread to the rest of the nation?


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    Arizona's Proposition 205, which would have instituted statewide voting by mail, lost 72%-28%. This is a blow to those advocating more widespread use of this system.

  • shebear (unverified)

    As veteran of many FL elections who now lives in Portland, I can't express how good it feels to vote studiedly and unhurriedly; discuss and read up on issues one hasn't given sufficient thought; mark ballot; mail it knowing your vote exists on paper. It's frankly lost on me why anyone would oppose VBM. The opposing arguments are...?


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