We did it! Democrats rock and roll...

Governor Ted Kulongoski swept into a second term with a big win over Ron Saxton. From the O:

"This is why you want to be a Democrat. It's party time," gushed an ebullient Kulongoski, who led Republican challenger Ron Saxton 53 percent to 42 percent. "Today, you the voters of Oregon gave us a vote of confidence that I will never forget," Kulongoski, 66, told a raucous crowd at the Benson Hotel in Portland.

In the Oregon House, Democrats are taking control as well.

Democrats were on the brink of seizing control of the Legislature on Tuesday night. They were holding their majority in the Senate, captured three seats to tie Republicans in the House and were leading in three other House races too close to call. ...

In Salem, Democrat Brian Clem had a substantial lead over two-term Republican Rep. Billy Dalto. In Eugene, Democrat Chris Edwards was leading Republican Rep. Debi Farr. And in Hillsboro, Democrat David Edwards was thumping Republican Everett Curry for a seat vacated by Derrick Kitts, a Republican. ...

Those three big wins give the Democrats 30 seats. As of 8 a.m. this morning, Jean Cowan is also winning her race over Rep. Alan Brown -- 51.5% to 48.4%. That's 31, and a majority.

Most of election night, Democrats Sal Peralta and Rob Brading were leading -- but as of 8 a.m., both are slightly trailing. Peralta is behind Rep. Donna Nelson by 301 votes (out of 21316 cast). Rob Brading is now trailing Karen Minnis by 153 votes (out of 11742 cast.) Also, in HD 59, Democrat Jim Gilbertson is trailing John Dallum by only 214 votes (out of 20011 cast.)

In the Senate, Paul Evans is losing to Senator Jackie Winters, and Senator Vicki Walker is defeating Jim Torrey - so Democrats will easily retain control.

On ballot measures, Oregon progressives had a series of big wins. From the O:

Oregonians soundly rejected a vision of limited state government and said "no" to most other proposals on the state ballot.

In partial returns Tuesday, Measure 48, which would have tied the growth in state government to population and inflation growth, lost by more than a 2-to-1 ratio. Voters also turned down a proposal to require parental notification when girls ages 15 to 17 seek abortions. And they decided against reviving limits on the terms of state representatives and senators.

Among 10 initiatives on the ballot, only two -- Measures 39 and 44 -- won easily. Measure 39, which bans condemnation of private property for economic development by another private party, was ahead by a 2-to-1 ratio. Measure 44 was winning with about 77 percent of the vote. It extends state-discounted prescription drugs to all Oregonians lacking prescription-drug coverage.

Statewide election results here.

  • jami (unverified)

    huge thanks to everyone who helped make this happen (i'm looking at you, blueoregon), and good luck to our elected officials, new and old.

  • wharf rat (unverified)

    Hi Folks...

    Someone needs to be the curmudgeon to keep you deliriously happy types reality-based.

    How many state leg's did we capture, what do we need to do to build and hold them, how will we we redistrict....and when, now that the Supremes said it was perfectly ok for Texas.

    That said, it has been a satisfying night. My own personal gloat is that perenially R and perenially poorly run Jackson County will now expect [and] get the the D's to come up with the full O&C payout in perpetuity.

  • (Show?)

    Wharf... I haven't confirmed this in the light of day, but late last night we heard that Democrats flipped eight separate legislative chambers.

  • lin qiao (unverified)

    Can someone please comment on what it means to have one campaign-finance initiative pass and the other fail? Cuz frankly I'm flummoxed.

  • gobytrain (unverified)

    If only somone would pour a bucket of water on Minnis. Where is Dorthy when you need her?

  • gobytrain (unverified)


    Let's not forget Howard Dean who orchestrated our national come back (and rallied for our Governor in a time of need). wOOT!

  • Domain 4 Sale (unverified)


    Looks like this domain is no longer needed by Minnis!

  • (Show?)

    Thom Hartmann (or a guest) made the comment that voters were not paying attention to M46/47. or maybe they did pay attention. maybe they understood that while 47 was something they supported -- campaign finance reform -- M46 was too high a price. it was a good result, and now the stage is set for progressives to take the lead in total electoral reform. not just the money, but moving forward with Instant Runoff Voting and spreading the word nationally that vote-by-mail works.

    and is everyone else just so damn happy that Don McIntyre is one of the big losers of the day?

  • (Show?)

    Thank you, everyone.

    Now begins the task of organizing and building up our precincts so we'll be ready for 2008.

    Anyone who wants to help out is welcome to come to our meeting this Thursday night, 7 p.m., at the Hollywood Senior Center, 1820 NE 40th Ave. in Portland.

    Thanks again,

    Jenni Simonis Field Director Multnomah County Democratic Party

  • Chuck (unverified)

    It's really saying something when almost the entire basis of the Vicki Walker campaign was "Jim Torrey is a Republican and supports President Bush." In all fairness, however, Torrey really couldn't point to anything that Walker had done during her tenure that he disagreed with.

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)

    lin qiao,

    See my comment here: My Best Democratic Night

  • Dan (unverified)

    And thanks to all those young Bus volunteers -- and to all those first time voters who turned out (even though there was no presidential election).

    And to all those education volunteers, who helped the local schools efforts.

    And to some of the faith folks who worked (and voted) differently this year.

    Lots of work was done by many. Thanks thanks

  • mike (unverified)

    "If only somone would pour a bucket of water on Minnis. Where is Dorthy when you need her?"

    Well, for what it's worth, the friends of Dorothy dumped a great deal of water on her (nudge nudge wink wink).

    Problem is the dowager empress is so dirty from rolling in the mud and taking all that filthy money from pharmaceuticals and payday lenders that we can't get the water to her ugly green skin.

  • Gary Adamsek (unverified)

    Congrats moonbats, you took back the House. But is that really what you wanted? Sure you did, however I know that you would much rather have taken out Speaker Minnis than take back the House. Well you failed. Now Rob Brading can go back to being an irrelevant cable access director and friend of library porn, and the rest of you who failed at unseating Speaker Minnis can join him in failure and obscurity.

  • Gil Johnson (unverified)

    Looks like Brading and Peralta lost by about 300 votes each. Probably too few for an automatic recount, but will they demand a recount? Will we pony up to fund it?

  • gobytrain (unverified)
    <h2>Library porn <<snicker>></h2>
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