Blumenauer on Gordon Smith

This upcoming Sunday, Congressman Earl Blumenauer will appear on Outlook Portland with Nick Fish. Here's an advance clip of his remarks -- on Gordon Smith's recent flip-flop on Iraq.

Here's part of Blumenauer says on the clip:

Because of what has happened with the people who have been supporting this uncritically from the beginning - preventing Congress from providing oversight, not providing any check and balance with the executive, and in fact supporting the Bush Adminstration in their efforts - we're in a situation now where we've driven into a cul-de-sac, they have broken Iraq, it's going to get worse before it gets better, and our primary objective now is to determine how much worse it gets. ...

There are 21 Republican Senators who are up for re-election. Virtually all of them have been supporters of and enablers of the present Administration's policy in Iraq and they will all in some degree or another distancing themselves. How far and how fast, we'll wait to see. ...

The full show will air Sunday at 6:30 a.m. on KRCW.


  • Paul Thiers (unverified)

    How certain is it that Mr. Blumenauer will run for the senate in 2008? Beyond Iraq, what would the primary issues be in a Smith/Blumenauer race?

  • Chris (unverified)

    So where is all the articles about getting out of Iraq?

    What happened? I thought all this stuff about getting dems elected was going to get our country back.

    Save all the nonsense about what is going to happen (minimum wage increase, etc) and tell us Earl, when are you going to join Kucinich and STOP THE WAR!

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